Outlands Daily Quests Guide (WoW)  

There are four factions that have daily quests that can be done - some of them have pre-requisite quests in order to do them. When that is the case, the quest need to unlock the dailies are going to be discussed first.

As of patch 2.4, the daily quest limit has been increased from 10 to 25, making the daily quests an even better source of gold then before.

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In order to gain access to the Netherwing daily, you need to complete a long quest chain as well as have an epic flying mount. The quest chain begins by speaking with Mordenai, an NPC that wanders around 60,58 in Shadowmoon Valley.

Here is the list of the quests:

  1. Kindness
  2. Seek Out Neltharaku
  3. Neltharaku's Tale
  4. Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress
  5. To Netherwing Ledge! - Tip: If you are a miner, turning on mineral tracking will also show you the locations of the collected item required to complete this quest. Despite the fact that it is a mineral - it resembles a plant with a red crystal hanging from it.
  6. The Force Of Neltharaku
  7. Karynaku
  8. Zuluhed The Whacked - This quest is the only real hurdle in the questline in that you really need a balanced party to defeat the mob.
  9. Ally Of The Netherwing

Once you are done to here the following quests are available at Netherwing Fields, but you must have the epic flying mount skill to progress beyond this point. Here are the last few pre-requisites:

  1. Blood Oath Of The Netherwing
  2. In Service Of The Illidari
  3. Enter the Taskmaster - This immediately opens the following daily quests:

You then need to complete the quest Your Friend On The Inside which opens up:

  • A Slow Death - Worth 250 Netherwing rep and 11 99. This quest requires you to collect 12 Fel Glands to use to poison the Peons around Netherwing Fields. It is a good idea to grab 13 or 14 Glands instead of 12 because occasionally the Peons bug and you lose the collected Fel Gland without getting credit.
  • The Not-So-Friendly Skies... - Worth 250 Netherwing rep and 11 99. On the north side of the floating Island that is Netherwing Fields, there is what looks like a dock that sticks out a short way, and it is guarded by two of the walking Dragonmaw Ascendants that prowl the Fields. North and above this dock is a large floating stationary rock that you can land on and see the dock across the way. If you land on here you can shoot at the Dragonmaw Transporters as they fly by - causing them to land and fight - they are quite easy to dispatch.
  • The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt - This is not a daily quest, but can be repeated as many times as you like without interfering with the 10 quest limit on daily quests. Keep your eyes peeled for the eggs, they are around, and the mobs you kill for the various quests sometimes drop them. Each egg is worth 250 Netherwing rep (but no cash). Best place to find these is in the mine below - both as a drop from the Flayers and also as a found item on the ground.

Once you hit Friendly, you can add these to the above list:

Then at Honored, add:

  • Disrupting The Twilight Portal - Worth 500 Netherwing rep and 11 99. Just stand right in the archway of the portal and shoot the non-elites around it - piece of cake.

Then at Revered you can add:

Sha'tari Skyguard and Ogri'la:

Once you finalize your position with the Skyguard and Ogri'la daily quests, you will find that a few of them offer Reputation gains in both factions for completing one quest. The Skettis Daily quest chain begins by speaking with Yuula, the NPC with the Netheray next to the Flight Master in Shattrath City at 64,42.

Here are the Pre-requisites to the daily quests:

  1. Threat From Above
  2. To Skettis!

This opens up the following daily quests:

  • Be on the lookout for a captured Skyguard Prisoner in the Skettis trees who gives Escape From Skettis. This gives 350 Skyguard rep and 12

These are all the daily quests available in the Skettis region.

To unlock the Blades Edge Mountain Skyguard quests, you have to unlock the Ogri'la quests, and to do this you head to Lower City in Shattarath, and speak to Grok the Ogre near the crafters terrace at 65, 68. He starts the Ogri'la quest chain.

  1. Mog'dorg The Wizened
  2. Even Gronn Have Standards
  3. Grulloc Has Two Skulls
  4. Maggoc's Treasure Chest
  5. Grim(oire) Business
  6. Into The Soulgrinder
  7. Speak With Mog'dorg the Wizened. There is a bit of confusion here in that I am not sure where exactly this falls. I believe after you complete the Soulgrinder quest, you are named King/Queen of the Ogres and one of the ghost ogres that appears upon completion tells you to speak to Mog'dorg again, and he gives you Ogre Heaven. This puts you at Neutral with Ogri'la so you can start the quests chains at Ogri'la itself at 28,56 in Blade's Edge Mountains. The closest flight point is Sylvanaar - just fly due west from there over the spiney ridge. A couple of flying pointers: Don't fly over Forge Camp:Wrath or Forge Camp: Terror unless you have an epic mount or are very high. The Forge cannons actually will shoot you down out of the sky as they are part of the "Bomb them again" daily quest. Also, there is a flight point that links directly between the Skyguard camp in Skettis and the Skyguard camp in Blade's Edge, though you have to be honored with Skyguard to be able to use it.

Once in Ogri'la, you get these pre-req quests:

  1. The Crystals
  2. An Apexis Relic

These open up:

  • The Relic's Emanation - This is a memory game not unlike Simon where you have to repeat back the sequence the crystals show. I highly encourage you to write down the sequence and then repeat it back - the sequences can get long, and I know that I could never do it without writing it down. You get 250 Ogri'la rep, 12 and 15 Apexis Shards.

Once you reach Friendly status with Ogri'la you are offered the quest The Skyguard Outpost which opens the way to two more lucrative daily quests:

Once you reach Honored with Ogri'la,

Battleground Dailies:

These quests do not require any unlocking, you simply need to speak to the NPC for your faction, the Horde Warbringer or the Alliance Brigadier General who can both be found near the Battleground NPC in any major city. Everyday, they will randomly give you a 'Call to Arms' quest which target a specific Battleground. The objective of the quest is rather simple, win the chosen battleground to earn up to 419 Bonus Honor and 11 99 at level 70.

World PVP Dailies - Halaa & The Bone Waste:

Added in 2.4, these two daily quests require you to participate in the open world pvp objective in Terokkar Forest and Nagrand.

The Nagrand quest requires you to kill 10 enemy players at the Halaa open world pvp objective.

Completing the quest earns you 11 90.

The Terokkar Forest quest requires you to capture one Spirit Tower in the Bone Waste. Remember that this event is timed, so you can only attempt to complete it every 6 hours.

Completing the quest earns you 11 90.

Cooking Dailies - Do you smell what the Rokk is cooking?:

The Rokk is a goblin chef in Shattrath City. While you do not need to do any quest to unlock his dailies, you do need to have at least cooking 275 in order for you to be eligible for his quests. He will randomly gives you one of the following quest:

Which earns 7 59 as well as a crate of meat or fish (your choice). While the quest itself doesn't give as much gold as other dailies, the main reason for doing them is the random chance to get one of 4 'unique' cooking recipes from the box, some of which are highly sought after.

Fishing Dailies:

The fishing dailies are given out by Old Man Barlo, an npc fisherman in Terokkar Forest. The quest are handed out randomly and include:

The quest always reward you with a Bag of Fishing Treasures which contain some gold and gray items (can be vendored for more gold), however there's also a chance for a blue fishing hat and a cooking recipe.

Instance Dailies - Normal and Heroic:

The instances dailies are given out by two etherael in Shattrath.

Nether-Stalker Mah'duun gives out the non-heroic version once per day. They ask you to kill a certain number of mob within the instances and reward you with 16g and 39s as well as a Ethereum Prison Key and 250 rep with both the faction associated with the Instance and the Consortium. The quests are given out randomly and include:

As a general rule, those quests are not good money maker (since you can do many dailies in the time it take to finish 1 instances), but they're a nice little 'bonus' if you were planning to the run the instance anyway as well as source of Consortium rep.

Wind Trader Zhareem gives out the Heroic version once per day. Those always involve killing the last boss of an instance set on the Heroic setting and bringing back an item to him. Those quests reward you with 24g 60s and 2 Badge of Justice (and top of those earned in the Heroic) as well as 350 rep with both the faction associated with the Instance and the Consortium. The quests are given out randomly and include:

While still not the best way to make money (see above), the Heroic dailies can help bolster your badge of justice acquisition rate significantly. Once you reach a certain point at level 70, you will want to be running a lot of Heroics for rep and badges - those quests help a lot in those endeavors.

The Shattered Sun Offensive - Sunwell Dailies:

The massive 2.4 content patch added an entire new zone to Azeroth, which include a new instance, a new raid... and a lot of daily quests!

Unlike the Netherwings quests discussed above, the Sunwell dailies aren't unlocked by your reputation, but by how far along your server is toward completing the Sunwell objectives. Everytime a daily quest is done, this objective gets closer to being finished. Along the way, new buildings and npc appear on the island and those npcs introduce new daily quests for you to complete.

The following quests take place in Outland, and are available right away:

  • Blast the Gateway in Hellfire Peninsula at the Throne of Kil'Jaeden. This quest rewards 10 10 and a Shattered Sun Supplies package, which contains a random green-quality armor or weapon item and can potentially contain a Badge of Justice.
  • Blood for Blood in Hellfire Peninsula at the Throne of KilJaeden. This quest rewards 11 99 and your choice of 5 Marks of Sargeras or Sunfury Signets.
  • Gaining the Advantage picked up in Shattrath City and can be done anywhere in Outland. This quest is only available if your character possesses the profession(s) Herbalism, Mining and/or Skinning. This quest rewards 16 39 and a Major Rejuvenation Potion.
  • The Multiphase Survey picked up in Shattrath City and takes you to Nagrand. This quest rewards 9 10. This quest prior to patch 2.4.2 also offered a Shattered Sun Supply package.
  • Sunfury Attack Plans picked up in Shattrath City and takes you to Netherstorm. This quest rewards 10 10 and a Shattered Sun Supply package.

The following quests take place on the Isle of Quel'Danas and can be done as soon as Phase 1 starts:

  • Erratic Behavior, rewards you with 9 10 and +150 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. When phase 2 begins, the quest changes its name to Further Conversions.
  • The Sanctum Wards, rewards you with 9 10 and +150 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. When phase 2 beings, the quest changes its name to Arm the Wards!.

The following quests can only be done once Phase 2 has begun and the Sun Reach Sanctum have been recovered:

The following quests can only be done once Phase 3 has begun and the Sun Reach Armory have been recovered:

The following quests can only be done once phase 4 and the Sun Reach Harbor have been recovered:

  • A Charitable Donation, rewards you +150 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive and is only really useful if you wish to get to Exalted as fast as possible. This quest will cost you 10 instead of earning you money. This quest is only available to players not Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive.
  • Disrupt the Greengill Coast rewards you with 11 99 and +250 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.
  • Discovering Your Roots quest rewards you 9 10, a bag of Shattered Sun Supplies and +350 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. This quest unlocks the Alchemy lab; once unlocked it is changed to Rediscovering Your Roots.
  • Open for Business rewards you with 10 10 and +250 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. This quest appears after completing the Alchemy lab and unlocks the epic gem vendor standing next to the quest giver.
  • This is not a quest per se, but after reaching Exalted status with the Shattered Sun Offensive, you may elect to purchase a title for your character which will appear as (Character name) of the Shattered Sun for 1000. The quest to do so is A Magnanimous Benefactor.

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