Mannoroth was one of the demons who journeyed to Kalimdor during the War of the Ancients. Though he fought with brutal ferocity and slew millions, he was finally defeated by Cenarius and his followers and sent back into the Twisting Nether as the Well of Eternity was destroyed.

Mannoroth's defeat

After Thrall reclaimed Hellscream, Mannoroth lured them into the craters formed by the falling infernals, where he hoped to battle them to the death. Thrall then confronted this demon lord in battle, pouring all his strength and hatred for the demon into one powerful blast with the Doomhammer. Mannoroth laughed and applauded the effort, revealing that the only damage to him was a slight tear to his left wing. Mannoroth then casually tossed the young war chief across the crater leaving only Hellscream. As Thrall fell, Mannoroth reminded Grom that he owned his body and soul and gloated that the blood curse could never be broken.

Hellscream was left with a choice - give in to the corruption of the demon again or resisting and save his War Chief. IN a burst of clarity, he realized that he could not accept that the orcish nation was cursed forever and chose his kin. In a heroic last stand, Grom Hellscream slipped past Mannoroth's defenses and opened his chest with a mighty downward slash, slaying the astonished Mannoroth and mortally wounding Hellscream.

With the death of Mannoroth the blood curse on the Orcs was finally lifted. After the defeat, Mannoroth's remains and armor were taken to Orgrimmar and affixed to an irregularly shaped tree but the large double blade used by the vile pit lord remains in Ashenvale to this day, locked in time to show where the bloodpact was ended. The remains have become a memorial to warn against consorting with demons and celebrating the feat of Grommash Hellscream in finally lifting the blood curse.

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