Major Cities (WoW)  

There are nine major cities spread across Azeroth and Outland. Eight of these cities house class and profession trainers, battgleground access, banks, auction houses and serve as a transportation hub for the rest of the continent they reside on. The ninth city, Shattrath City, serves as the gateway to the major cities in Azeroth but has no class trainers, or auction house. However it does have portals to every major city in Azeroth where these things can be found.

Major cities are also home to one or more factions and often have a large number of quests for that faction. Additionally, they serve as main points for the festivals and holidays that occur throughout the world like the Midsummer Fire Festival or Children's Week.

Note that not all trainers are available in every city. Below is a list of the major cities and a list of the services available within.

City NameFaction(s)Has
Profession Trainers Class Trainers Additional Information
The Exodar Exodar Y Y
  • Weapon Master: Handiir
    • trains swords, maces, daggers and crossbows
Darnassus Darnassus Y Y
Ironforge Ironforge
Gnomeregan Exiles

Orgrimmar Orgrimmar
Darkspear Trolls

Thunder Bluff Thunder Bluff Y Y
Shattrath City The Aldor
The Scryers
Lower City
The Sha'tar
Silvermoon City Silvermoon City Y Y
Stormwind Stormwind Y Y
The Undercity Undercity Y Y

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