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Honor gear is has 2 main functions in the game, the first being to be a relatively acceptable entry level gear to both end game pve content and (mostly) pvp content. The 2nd function is that a certain quantity of honor gear is necessary in order to have a complete pvp set. As such both new players and veterans will participate in the honor system.

Honor Gear follows the Arena Season. With every new season, a new bunch of items are introduced, while the previous season's honor items are now available at a discount.

In previous Season, Arena Gear that is two season old could also be bought for honor, giving newer player a chance to stay somewhat competitive.

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Cost of Gear

During Season 7 Hateful Gladiator gear will be sold for honor points, Furious Gladiator gear will be sold for a combination of arena and honor points and also sold for Emblems of Conquest both of which have a rating requirement, and Relentless Gladiator gear will be sold for arena points with a rating requirement.

Deadly Hateful Relentless
Chest 49600 / 12000 / / 350 or 58 2150
Helm 49600 / 12000 / / 350 or 58 2150
Gloves 31600 / 7200 / / 200 or 46 1300
Pants 49600 / 12000 / / 350 or 58 2150
Shoulders 31600 / 9600 / / 275 or 46 1750

Furthermore, specialized Armor Quartermaster in both Ogrimmar and Stormwind also sells Hateful and Deadly off-set piece, allowing you to get a full pvp set. The Hateful pieces simply cost Honor, but the Deadly ones cost honor and also requires a certain Arena Rating.

Slot Furious Cost Relentless Cost Relentless Rating
Ring 38000/ 47400/ 1650
Boots 49600/ 62000/ 1500
Belt 49600/ 62000/ 1450
Bracers 31600/ 39400/ 1400
Necklace 38000/ 47400/ 1550
Cloak 38000/ 47400/ 2000
Medallion Trinket 30400/ 62000/ 1800
Battlemaster Trinket 30000/

Vendor Location

The Honor Vendors can be found in the capital city of Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Alliance :

Horde :

Zom Bocom, the Arena Vendor for Honor Gear can be found in the Dalaran Sewer.

The Emblem Vendor, can be found in Dalaran. Arcanist Ivrenne, serves the Alliance while Magistrix Lambriesse serves the Horde.

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