Flagged (WoW)  

Flagged is shorthand for the phrase "Flagged for PvP". This means that players of the opposing faction (whether they're flagged or not) can attack attack a flagged player at will, even on a PvE server or in a "safe" zone of a PvP server.

You can tell if you're flagged because the alliance or horde crest will appear as a little circle attached to your character portrait.

There are various ways to become flageed. If you:

  • Enter a contested zone on a PvP server you will automatically become flagged and stay flagged for the duration of the time you're in the zone
  • Attack a mob that has a PvP designation in the description tool tip. If you're on a PvP server, the flag will go away on its own 5 minutes after you've stopped fighting mobs flagged as PvP.
  • Enter a battleground will flag you for PvP. Again, on a PvE server this will go away 5 minutes after you cease PvP activity.
  • Type /pvp into the chat window. If you use this method, even on a PvE server, you will not because automatically unflagged after 5 minutes. You will have to type /PvP again to unflag. Note that this unflag will not happen immediately. You will still have to wait the 5 minutes on a PvE server.

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