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Experience in World of Warcraft functions similarly to most other RPGs. Killing enemies or completing quests rewards the player with experience, and enough of that experience takes the player to the next level, which makes them more powerful. Players refer to this as leveling, and use one of several different techniques for gaining experience:

  • Grinding: Killing the same creatures in the same area over and over again. This is a common technique in many other MMORPGs, but not as popular in WoW since it is rather boring and WoW tends to be more soloist in nature for the leveling experience.
  • Questing: There are many quests in the game, and each provides a modest experience reward for completing it, enough to ideally offset the time spent performing specific tasks rather than merely grinding.
  • Instancing: Players who like a group experience will often get together and run five-man dungeons. Although the experience is split 5 ways, the creatures are tougher and worth more experience, and the rate at which opponents are defeated is significantly elevated as well.
  • Discovery: Although it is not a primary source of experience, uncovering new areas on the map does reward the player with a small amount of experience.

When players reach the level cap, they will stop gaining experience.

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