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Equipment refers to any item that can be equipped in an equipment slot, as opposed to items that can only be stored in inventory (such as keys or crafting items).

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Equipment Quality

Items are classified by their overall quality in WoW, which is determined both by the color of the item and, partially, where it was obtained. For example, Grey or White items tend to be common drops and are found most everywhere. They tend to be lower value items that are usually sold off to vendors. Purple items on the other hand, tend to be extremely valuable and are either very rare world drops or are bind on pickup items only found in higher level dungeons.

Equipment Levels

In order to use or equip an item, the player must be at or above the level of the item.

Basic Item Quality

Quality Obtained
PoorLow level mobs most of the time. Referred to as "vendor trash" or "vendor bait"
CommonLow level mobs or sold by vendors.
UncommonCrafting, quests, and random drops.
RareCrafting, quests, instance bosses and rare random drops.
EpicHigh-end crafting, quests, Heroic drops, raid bosses and rare random drops.
LegendaryCombining reagents obtainable from certain high-level raids (such as The Molten Core for example).
ArtifactNone obtainable by players in game at this time.

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