An Enchantment refers to a bonus that can be applied to certain equipment in the form of stat bonues, spell damage or a bonus to a profession. Each item can only have one type of enchantment active at a time, any subsequent enchantments applied (which includes armor kits) will overwrite the existing one. However, there are temporary imbue effects can be applied which stack with existing enchantment effects, such as shaman totems and Blacksmith created sharpening stones.

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Enchant Options

Head, Cloak, Chest, Wrist, Hand, Leg and Foot items can all be enchanted however, there are currently no enchantments available for items that are equipped in waist, relic, ammo, neck, or trinket slots.

And, with the release of patch 2.4, a few rings enchantments have been added that are available as reputation awards for enchanters who have the required rep.

Gear Enchant Details

When an item has received an enchant, it will show on the item description in green font near the bottom. Enchantments provide a variety of effects and can greatly improve gameplay. The total effects of multiple enchants on a character's gear have the potential to completely exceed one piece of non enchanted gear. This can arguably be looked at like having an extra piece of gear that doesn't take a slot and these enchantments, when added up, can make the character far more capable in either PvE or PvP, depending on how they enchant their gear.

List of Enchants by Slot

Glyph of Arcane Warding - Requires The Sha'tar (Honored)

Glyph of Chromatic Warding - Requires Lower City (Honored)

Glyph of Ferocity - Requires Cenarion Expedition (Revered)

Glyph of Fire Warding - Requires Thrallmar (Honored) (See below for Alliance equivalent)

Glyph of Fire Warding - Requires Honor Hold (Honored) (See above for Horde equivalent)

Glyph of Frost Warding - Requires Keepers of Time (Honored)

Glyph of Nature Warding - Requires Cenarion Expedition (Honored)

Glyph of Power - Requires The Sha'tar (Revered)

Glyph of Renewal - Requires Honor Hold (Revered) (See below for Horde equivalent)

Glyph of Renewal - Requires Thrallmar (Revered) (See above for Alliance equivalent)

How are Enchants done?

Enchantments which come from the enchanting profession require the services of an enchanter. There are also a number of enchant-granting items, or augments, available from a number of sources. These augments may be crafted by other professions (Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking and Tailoring) or obtained from quests or vendors. There are a number of augments that can be purchased from various quartermasters after gaining reputation with their respective factions.

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