Death Knight Start(WoW)  

Light. There should be no light. My mind relives those last moments of battle and then the everlasting darkness. Yet here I am, not only alive but filled with a strange sense of power and desire. Who I was seems suddenly less important to me than who I may become. I sense a purpose to my being and finally look up to behold the overwhelming presense of the Lich King, my new master. The realization hits me. I am a Death Knight and here is my master.

Slowly I walk up to the Lich King and ask him his bidding. Power and desire flow into me. Anger, cruelty, vengeance all pour into me and fill me with a sense of being. I am the tool that will destroy the puny Scarlet Crusade and make the Lich King supreme upon all Norrath. First though I must learn how to use my new powers.

The Ebon Hold opens before me, the air ringing with the mingled sounds of the screams of our enemies and the hammering our our weapons. Inside waits the Giant Rasuvious. "The single most important piece of equipment to a death knight is a runeblade" he explains. My task is to forge my own personal runeblade with which I can slaughter the enemies of my master. Searching through the racks I find an old battle worn sword. Then reaching deep down inside me, I concentrate my powers and channel the masters runeforge. Power rips through my body and in front of my eyes the worn sword undergoes an astonishing transformation into a true weapon, a Runed Soulblade. All that is left is to emblazon this weapon with a rune of power from my master and I am ready for action.

I returnin to Instructor Rasuvious with my weapon eager to learn more about its use. He tells me of those who have been deemed unworthy to channel the power of the master and bids me to slake the thirst of my weapon with their blood. Running into the pit I sight my victim. She is chained and defenseless. In the deep recesses of my mind a sense of unease and shame starts to come forth, but it is quickly overwhelmed by the blood lust of the power coursing through my veins. I unbind her chains and prepare to finish the job, when she leaps back and grabs a sword from a nearby pile. So it will be a battle after all. More the better. We square off and I feel the powers of the Lich King course through me. Ice. Plauge. Blood. All are mine to call on. She does not stand a chance. I wipe my blade on her corpse knowing that I am now fully commited to the cause.

I feel the pull of the Lich King once again. This time he bids me to use the magical eye of Archerus to scout the enemy positions. As i look into this wonderous device, I feel myself suddenly soaring across the fields and down into the town below. Four enemy strongholds need to be analyzed. While the puny crusaders try to stop me, my master's ghouls quickly take care of them and soon my task is complete. Now is the time to take the fight directly to the enemy. Next stop is Death's Breach. To aid my efforts, the master awards me with a Bladed Ebon Amulet. Mounted on a skeletal scourge gryphon I ride straight down to Death's Breach and present myself to Prince Valanar.

Now is the time to wield my sword against the enemy. Various tasks await me from simply slaughtering the scarlet minions to stealing back their horses and collecting more arrows for our bowmen. First though I need to polish my skills through duels with my fellow shadow knights. How I yearn to demonstrate my dominion. I lay down the dueling flag and shot out my challenge. Soon the scum is grovelling at my feet. Now I am the master.

My next task puzzles me. Master Salanar bides me to go to the stables below and return with one of the enemy's stallions. As I leap aboard the horse my memories suddely return. I have ridden such and animal before. As we race up the hill to the horse master, I realize that I am incomplete. A Death Knight without a mount. As if he is reading my mind Salanar offers to let me earn my mount by moving into the shadow realm and stealing one for myself. Soon I find myself mounted on my own deathcharger. I realize that each task my master sets for me makes me more and more powerful and my mind morvels at his master plan.

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