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Located at the southwestern corner of Northrend, the Borean Tundra is a quiet land, divided between frozen ice regions and warmer terrain. The Tuskarr, a race of walrus man who live off the sea, can be found along the icy eastern coasts. However, they have come under attack from the Kvaldir, a nomadic race of invaders, approaching in triremes at the settlement of Kaskala. The Kvaldir also have ghosts lining the southwestern shores as well. A short distance inland, the Gorlocs, an uglier cousin of the murlocs, fill the Flood Plains along the ridges by the eastern sea. The Magnataur are also a threatening race, although they mostly keep to their caves, worshipped by kobolds. In spite of all the ice, the magnataurs have found a few fiery regions to call home. Wildlife roams throughout the steppes that comprise the rest of the zone.

The Scourge have had little interest in Borean Tundra in the past, and only maintained a slight presence in the northeast part of the zone to maintain ties to the nearby Dragonblight. This has changed since the Horde and Alliance made their landings in the southwest, and Scourge attack groups can be found outside these bases, led by Kel'thuzad himself.

One of the Alliance outposts, Fizzcrank Airstrip, has been overrun by a mysterious being that is turning the gnomes into robots, curing their "curse of the flesh." Potentially, this being could go on to mechanize all living beings if not held in check.

The Blue Dragonflight has a very strong presence in the remote island of Coldarra in the west, from which it guards The Nexus and wages war against magic itself.

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The ancient ruins of Nerubian design that litter the frozen countryside indicate that the Nerubians were the first people here, and originally a much stronger presence than the wayward skirmishers fighting for survival that they have become. Since the Nerubian prefer dark, underground caverns to the surface, the presence of those ruins are puzzling. In more recent times, the Tuskarr have claimed this area as their home.

Coldarra has remained the heart of the Blue Dragonflight for ages, but is practically a separate zone, cut-off from the rest of the Tundra.

Horde and Alliance

The Horde have established the Warsong Hold settlement, led by Garrosh Hellscream. Garrosh's Landing maintains their connection to the sea, however their holdings in-between have come under attack from the Scourge. The Horde also have a settlement in the north, Bor'gorok Outpost, and a peaceful agreement with the Taunka, sharing their village.

The Alliance base themselves primarily out of the stronghold of Valiance Keep. They also have an outpost in the far north at Fizzcrank Airstrip.

There are neutral friendly Tuskarr throughout the zone, and a Tuskaar village in the northeast part of the zone. Amber Ledge also serves as a Kirin Tor base that is friendly to both factions, and the Kirin Tor will fly the player into Coldarra as well. The Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals also have a camp in the center of the zone to fight against Nesingwary's henchmen, and one of their number has apparently become king of the Winterfin Murlocs.

Major Populations

  • Tuskarrs - This land is their home, and they represent the largest culture here.
  • Nerubians - The Nerubian used to rule this land, now only fractured remain of their great empire remain over Northrend.
  • Taunka - The Taunka are an isolated people that have found favor with the Horde races.
  • Murlocs - The Winterfin murlocs live in the Westrift, and have recently been influenced to be much more hostile than before, thanks to the tamperings of a particular Bogstrok. Some remain friendly. The similiar race of Gorlocs inhabit the Flood Plains.
  • Blue Dragon - Many Blue Dragons now live within the Nexus, staying close to the wisdom of Malygos.
  • Kvaldir - These Viking-themed large humanoids are violent raiders, attacking settlments from the sea.
  • The Scourge - It's little surprise to find The Scourge anywhere in Northrend, however their numbers here are not as strong as one might expect.
  • Mechagnomes - The gnomes of Fizzcrank Airstrip have come under attack by forces slowly converting them into machines.
  • Magnataur and Kobolds - Holed up in Gammoth and Magmoth, the Magnataurs are a fierce group of raiders.
  • Nesingwary Hunters - The group of poachers hunting wild animals for Hemet Nesingwary are proliferate down the main road in the west, attacking the mammoth and caribou populations.



To the south of the Borean Tundra is the ocean, stretching as far as the eye can see, and to the north one can find Sholazar Basin and Lake Wintergrasp. The Dragonblight lies to the east.

The Nexus is an instance hub in the zone, located on the island of Coldarra.

Subzones of Borean Tundra

Abandoned Reach Festering Pools The Nexus Talramas Amber Ledge Fizzcrank Airstrip Njord's Breath Bay Taunka'le Village
Beryl Point Fizzcrank Pumping Station North Point Station Temple City of En'kilah Blistering Pools The Flood Plains Pal'ea Torp's Farm
Bloodspore Plains Frostbridge Plains of Nasam Transitus Shield Bor'gorok Outpost Frozen Reach Riplash Ruins Unu'pe
Camp of Caw Gammoth Riplash Strand Upper Naxxanar Charred Rise Garrosh's Landing Ruins of Eldra'nath Valiance Keep
Coast of Echoes The Geyser Fields Sands of Nasam The Wailing Ziggurat Coldarra Glimmer Bay Scalding Pools Warsong Granary
Coldrock Quarry Kaskala Shrine of Scales Warsong Hold D.E.H.T.A. Encampment Lake Kum'uya South Point Station Warsong Jetty
Death's Stand Lower Naxxanar Spire of Blood Warsong Slaughterhouse The Dens of Dying Magmoth Spire of Decay West Point Station
Echo Cove Mid Point Station Spire of Pain Westrift Farshire Mightstone Quarry Steam Springs Winterfin Caverns
Farshire Lighthouse Naxxanar Steeljaw's Caravan Winterfin Retreat Farshire Mine Talon of Nasam Winterfin Village

Wrath of the Lich King

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