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Borean Tundra is one of the two "starter zones" for Northrend. It contains a wide variety of areas, including the completely separated region of Coldarra where The Nexus is located. This guide is focused on Alliance questing.

The Borean Tundra will most likely be the most popular first Northrend location for Alliance players, since you can get to it directly from the newly constructed Stormwind Harbor. Taking the ship there will take you to Valliance Keep, the first quest hub on the Tundra and the stronghold of the Alliance.

While the Keep itself isn't that big, you should take your time to explore it - if nothing else, Valliance Keep has trainer for every profession so it's a good place to get your profession cap raised. Once you're done exploring, you might want to think about enlisting...

If you are looking for Horde information, you can head over to Wordaen's Horde Guide to Howling Fjord, 68-72 which cover the Howling Fjord for Horde players.

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Valiance Keep

  • Enlistment Day - From the docks, the recruiters will send you to General Arlos. Valiance Keep is split into a north and south half, with a boat dividing the two. You begin in the north and the barracks are in the south. Arlos is in the main command center.

  • A Soldier in Need - Board the Stormbreaker (the boat in the center of town) and grab the supplies from below deck.

The Riplash Strand

Completing the preceding quests will unlock Enemies of the Light and A Diplomatic Mission. It is not known if these prerequisites are reputation-based or quest-based, but the two quests are available in the command room of the barracks.

  • Enemies of the Light - Leave town by the western exit and travel north toward Farshire. There are several summoning circles around the outskirts of town where cultists summon ghouls. Kill them until they drop the communique.


Before leaving Valliance Keep:


First trip into Farshire:

Second trip into Farshire:

Third trip into Farshire:


The D.E.H.T.A. camp is up the road a bit from Farshire. There is nothing to say that these quests need to be all completed now.

Amber Ledge

Reaching Amber Ledge will give you not one, but two flight points, since it adds access to Coldarra as well.

Winterfin Retreat

Coldrock Quarry

Coldrock Quarry quests come from Etaruk on the southeast slopes outside the quarry, and from Elder Atkanok (54.6, 35.7), a large crystal that represents one of the Tuskarr's ancient elders.


Before leaving town:

Fizzcrank Airstrip

Talramas/Dens of Dying



First trip:

Second trip:

Third trip:


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