Blizzcon 2008 Interviews - Interview Amanda Hosler - Costume Contest Winner  

Players attend BlizzCon for a plethora of reasons. Some like the atmosphere, others the chance to see new games before anyone else, there's even a following that attend for the E-Sports. For Amanda Hosler, a 22 year old student in Pheonix, Arizona -- it's a chance to blow everyone's mind with her creativity. The costume contest held at BlizzCon is always an extremely popular event that gets a lot of attention from the players. This year was no exception. Having won the costume contest in 2007, Amanda returned for the chance to do it again -- and she did just that. Her 'Level Epic Shaman with Turtle Mount' won by a landslide and that was already clear when she rode onto the stage on-top of her mechanical turtle. We caught up to Amanda on Saturday afternoon to talk with her about the successful endeavor.

The Interview

Allakhazam: What was the whole process like to build this amazing costume?

Amanda: Well, it's built off an Electric Wheelchair with a PBC framing and uses a chicken wire and fiberglass resin for the shell along with Velvet for the under body.

Allakhazam: But what was it like for you? We've been told that your Dad built it but did you help him design it?

Amanda: Yea. I mainly did the designing and he mainly did the construction with power tools. Most of the detail work was my doing. He primarily did the work with the power tools because not many people trust me around sharp objects. *laughs*

Allakhazam: *Laughs* So is that the reason why your weapon is a Blunt Club?

Amanda: Yep Yep! I can't hurt anyone with it; not to mention myself!

Allakhazam: Now when I spoke with your Dad and I think he mentioned that it took something like 200 hours to build the turtle?

Amanda: You know, I honestly don't remember how many hours it took. All I know is that it was like three months of slave labor to build the turtle.

Allakhazam: Now what about the costume? Was that also designed by you?

Amanda: Yea. The costume was also designed by me. All the detail, the painting, the feather work and vinyl -- all done by me. My father did the lights and putting the gel and L.E.D.s in the tap lights.

Allakhazam: I didn't even realize those are touch lights. Awesome!

Amanda: You can touch it! :)

Allakhazam: *Turns off light* Nice! That's awesome! *Turns light back on*

Amanda: Yea!

Allakhazam: Alright, so then you actually built the costume? You did all the construction?

Amanada: No it was teamwork between my Father and I.

Allakhazam: Alright so what class do you play and what server are you on? I take it you play a Shaman?

Amanada: Actually, I play a Shadow Priest on Cenarius.

Allakhazam: Interesting. So would you say color had anything to do with your success?

Amanda: Oh absolutely. The color red always stands out on a Blizzard stage because their colors are always blue and black, so red is the best color to stand out.

Allakhazam: Giant mechanical Turles help with that as well.

Allakhazam: So you've won the contest two years in a row now?

Amanda: Yep!

Allakhazam: That's awesome! Are you going to try for a third?

Amanda: I'm going to try! I don't know how to top my own costume though.

Allakhazam: The thing is you've sort of taken it to an entirely different level and set a standard in a way. It's not hard to imagine that there will be a lot more of this next year. You might have to fly onto the stage next year.

Amanda: Somehow I'll do it! I guess I'm going to try for a flying mount next year.

Allakhazam: So now what kind of attention have you received because of this?

Amanda: We'll I've been hanging out here for a long time. Everyone seems to love it and their taking pictures even while we're talking. I've been interviewed by a number of people now.

Allakhazam: Do you feel like a star yet?

Amanda: Oh yea! I feel like a celebrity. Only in World of WarCraft though.

Allakhazam: So what's next for you?

Amanda: We'll I'm going to go back to raiding. I had to quit raiding during the whole process.

"I mainly did the designing and he mainly did the construction with power tools. Most of the detail work was my doing. He primarily did the work with the power tools because not many people trust me around sharp objects"

Allakhazam: So you scaled down the amount of time you play World of WarCraft to build this?

Amanda: Yep, for the last four weeks I haven't been able to raid and that's been depressing.

Allakhazam: Has your guild known about what you've been doing?

Amanda: Oh yea! They didn't understand the complexity of this costume when I told them that I couldn't raid anymore.

Allakhazam: We'll hopefully this will ensure you get some extra DKP.

Allakhaza: What is your guilds name?

Amanda: I'm in Afterlife.

Allakhazam: Holy crap! Alright, I think most people know that name.

Allakhazam: How long have you been in Afterlife?

Amanda: Around six months now.

Allakhazam: Do you have a message for anyone who couldn't make it to BlizzCon this year?

Amanda: Try harder to come next year; it's going to be awesome! Hopefully they'll have more

Allakhazam: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us Amanda.

Amanda: Thank you!

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