Bandage (WoW)  

See also: First Aid

The secondary skill First Aid creates bandages that allow a player to regain health fairly rapidly. Bandaging has some limitations, but is a very valuable ability to have at one's disposal, even for healing classes.

When a player is injured, they may choose to bandage themselves by targeting themselves and using the bandage. This will begin a channeled healing effect that will be completely interrupted if the player takes any direct damage. Regardless of the success of the bandaging attempt, the player will receive a "Recently Bandaged" debuff that prevents them from bandaging again for 60 seconds.

Bandaging is generally considered a more effective means of restoring health between battles because it takes a maximum of 8 seconds, and often heals as much or more than food. It can even be used during combat if you can prevent your opponent from attacking you by using crowd control or losing aggro to another target, perhaps even a pet. Bandaging can also be performed to another nearby target, but both of you must remain undamaged during that time, and near one another.

The downside is that it does take some time to produce the bandages, and does use up valuable cloth that you may need as a tailor. Creating bandages requires one or two pieces of cloth found primarily from killing Humanoid creatures, and they stack to 20.

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