Auto Shoot (WoW)  

Auto Shoot (or autoshot) is the ranged equivalent to Auto Attack. Once activated, the character will continue to shoot their ranged weapon until it becomes no longer possible. There are two different versions of Auto Shoot.

  1. Hunters have an auto attack for their missile weapons. Since these weapons have a minimum range of 5 yards[1], if the hunter's target shifts within this range, the hunter will switch to using melee weapons.[2] For hunters, autoshot represents their basic damage output, which they supplement with their pets and with special attacks.
  2. Wand-users have an ability to shoot their wand. The caster has no minimum range on wands, however while wands do become a caster's primary source of weapon-based damage, it can be dangerous to use this in a situation where you will need to suddenly use a spell because each wand shot uses the Global Cooldown and does not always deactivate properly until an additional shot has been fired.

  1. ^ as of patch 2.3
  2. ^ This can be disabled via the options menu.

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