Ashenvale (WoW)  

Ashenvale Forest is a wilderness region south of Darkshore and Felwood, west of Azshara, and north of the Stonetalon Mountains and The Barrens.

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Zone details

While this area is the ancestral home of the Night Elf race, the Horde has more recently established a settlement in the eastern part of the woods.

This outpost, Splintertree Post, as well as a camp on the far western beach, Zoram'gar Outpost, is in direct opposition to the posts controlled by the Alliance in the area, such as Astranaar, Maestra's Post and Silverwind Refuge.

To further add to the threat to younger players, the zone is heavily inhabited with furbolg, aggressive satyr such as Xavian Felsworn, spiders, wolves and bears.


Since the zone is contested, there are frequent skirmishes and attacks on the settlements are very common. The zone is also still a major travel hub for both Horde and Alliance for mid to upper levels.

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