Ammunition (WoW)  

Characters have both a ranged weapon slot and a slot for ammunition. While some classes have items that go into the ranged slot that do not use ammo, bullets or arrows are required to fire bows, crossbows, or guns. It should be noted that both bows and crossbows use standard arrows; there are no crossbow bolts.

Of the three classes that can use these weapon types, rogues and warriors will usually be content carrying one or two stacks of ammunition, since it stacks to 200 and is sold that way. While each shot does consume an arrow or bullet, rogues and warriors rarely use more than 2 arrows to initiate a fight. Since their concern is more in getting the attention of their enemies rather than actually dealing damage, any basic ammunition is fine.

Hunters, however, rely on their ranged weapon damage, and ranged weapons typically have lower damage output than melee weapons because the ammunition adds to that damage. For hunters, having good ammunition is important, and is the primary recurring cost for the class beyond basic repairs. Hunters will typically carry a quiver[1] to get a haste bonus, and sometimes find that these specialized containers do not hold enough arrows for a prolonged excursion out of time.

While most arrows are bought from vendors, either normal vendors or sometimes specialized, as noted below, it should also be stated that engineers can make bullets. With the exception of Thorium Headed Arrows, which are the result of a quest turn-in with the crafted Thorium Shells, (quest,) engineering cannot make any arrows. Engineering also makes guns, so this is not wholly surprising.

Available Ammunition

Basic ammunition becomes available from General Supply vendors at various levels:

Level DPS Arrow name Bullet name
1 1.5 Rough Arrow Light Shot
10 3.5 Sharp Arrow Heavy Shot
25 7.5 Razor Arrow Solid Shot
40 13.0 Jagged Arrow Accurate Slugs
55 22.0 Blackflight Arrow Impact Shot
65 32.0 Blackflight Arrow Ironbite Shell

Specialized ammo:

DPS Source Requirement Arrow Bullet
9.5 Desolace Quest Stealing Supplies Feathered Arrow Exploding Shot
11.5 Drop: Baelog level 35 Precision Arrow -
12.5 Engineering level 37 - Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs
15.0 Engineering level 44 - Mithril Gyro-Shot
16.5 Alterac Valley honored rep Ice-Threaded Arrow Ice-Threaded Bullet
18.0 Drop: Lord Roccor level 47 - Rockshard Pellets
20.0 Drop: Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin level 54 Doomshot -
27.0 Engineering level 57 - Fel Iron Shells
26.0 Cenarion Expedition Honored rep Scout's Arrow -
34.0 Halaa control of Halaa Halaani Razorshaft Halaani Grimshot
37.0 Cenarion Expedition Revered rep, level 68 Warden's Arrow[2] -
42.0 Engineering level 62 Adamantite Stinger Adamantite Shells
46.5 The Violet Eye Revered rep Mysterious Arrow Mysterious Shell
53.0 The Scale of the Sands Honored rep Timeless Arrow Timeless Shell
This list is accurate through version 2.3

  1. ^ The bullet equivalent to a quiver is an ammo pouch. For the remainder of the article, arrows will be used to refer to both arrows and bullets except where otherwise noted.
  2. ^ There is an older version of this arrow that requires only level 62.

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