Eonar is a member of the race of Vanir Titans. She is the bringer of life, nature and healing to the world. Because of this she is referred to as the Patron of all Life and there is some speculation that she may also be the Earthmother. Eonar carries an alabaster staff, has flowers growing around her feet and, like all Vanir, is bronze-skinned. Because of her status as the bringer of life, Eonar harbors a particular hatred for the Undead.

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Eonar was the consort of Aman'Thul prior to Sargeras' fall. During this time, Sargeras was Aman'Thul's closest advisr and Eonar seems to have taken an extreme dislike to him. The two carried on a prolonged feud with each other. This feud contributed to the increasing estrangement between Aman'Thul and Sargeras and could possibly have contributed to the latter's fall as he became increasingly disillusioned with the Titans and their goals of order.

The Dragonflight

When the titans were satisfied with the order brought to Azeroth, the bestowed gifts of their spirit upon members of the 5 Dragonflight that they would safeguard the world. Eonar gave gifts to two of these. To Ysera, Eonor gave the spirit of nature making her nature's guardian and giving her the power to protect the Emerald Dream. To Alexstrasza she bestowed some of the spirit of life so that she may protect it. From that day forward, Alexstrasza became known as the Life-Binder.

World of Warcraft

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