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A term used in World of Warcraft for the Hunter class and in Warcraft lore for the leaders of the Dragonflight.

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Aspects as relating to Hunters

In regards to Hunters, an aspect is an ability that is patterned after a specific animal, such as a Hawk or a Viper. A hunter can use one aspect at a time, and each is designed to help define the present role of the hunter. These aspects include:

Aspects as relating to the Dragonflight

Also referred to as the Great Aspects, the Titans, a race of extremely powerful, godlike beings, chose each of the Dragon Aspects to lead the Dragonflights and watch over ancient Kalimdor which was, at the time, the only continent found on Azeroth.

These mighty Titans then empowered five dragons with powers specific to each of them. These dragons were thereafter called the Aspects. The Aspects are also known as the leaders of the five dragonflights: Red, Black, Green, Blue and Bronze. The Aspects are:

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