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Tanks are heavily armored and well-protected front row party members whose role is to draw the enemy's attention (aggro) and attacks towards themselves with the use of taunts and other abilities as well as absorbing damage. They block their enemy's way and as such serve as meat shields for the spellcasters and ranged attackers in the back lines behind them. They usually engage foes with powerful melee attacks.

Tanks are most effective in group combats, able to deal with multiple opponents and reduce damage dealt against allies. They are strongest against lightly armored melee careers, and weakest when facing ranged attacks alone.

Verb: to tank

Standing still and taking a beating from enemies instead of running away or kiting. Solitary tanking is often used in group PvE situations to make the support character's task easier (only one person to concentrate on).

Melee Characteristics
RoleClose combat support
Fighting styleSlow but powerful
Engagement styleMultiple opponents
SpecialtyAlly protection
Strongest againstLight armor melee
Weakest againstRanged magic
Melee Careers
The Order of the GriffonKnight of the Blazing Sun
The Raven HostChosen
The OathbearersIronbreaker
The Bloody Sun BoyzBlack Orc
The Shining GuardSwordmaster
House UthorinBlack Guard
Warhammer Online

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