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There is an entire page of stubs at [1] -- all of these pages need actual writing. I will have to review these pages after assessing the existing pages....I would love not to have to completely write every one of them myself.

Note that I am converting every single redlink I encounter into a null stub, for easy tracking. This list is going to get very very long.

In process of reviewing

I am going over the links on the front page, cleaning up those pages and checking the sub-links. There are a few secondary pages I have decided I need to repeat this process with, as follows:

Pages that need additional development or updates

These pages are actually written, but need some additional support or changes.

  • Currency -- needs section added regarding non-coin forms of currency, like honor, stone keeper shards, tokens, etc.
  • Quartermaster -- needs links added to table, and LK update
  • Mounts -- needs to be updated for current list of mounts
  • Reputation Rewards -- needs Lich King rewards added. Page is also rather bland and should also probably be cleaned up slightly.
  • All class talent (build) pages
  • Reputation -- bottom section with list of reputations should be cleaned-up to a condensed table, with additional info on the rep pages...also needs * updating for Lich King
  • Level -- very lackluster page needing extra details...everything pertinent here is also somewhere else, like Leveling
  • Spellbook -- needs picture
  • Racial Bonus -- needs ability links, and something to make it visually less boring
  • Quest Log -- needs a picture, or something.
  • Potions -- LK update

Other issues noticed (mostly minor gripes)

  • The front page needs some new topics. My Lich King journal is almost a year old now.
  • Holiday events need to actually get written.
  • We have two articles for Wrath of the Lich King (both categories) that need to be merged. (page #1, page #2)
  • We need more and better redirects. It shouldn't be necessary to remember if the article for quests is at [[Quest (WoW)]] or [[Quests (WoW)]]. This will prevent us from redlinking and writing superfluous material as well.
  • zone should be merged into Category:zones
  • Why is "Category:Public Test Realm (WoW)" a category?

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