Quiver (WoW)  

Quivers are a special category of container that only holds arrows for use with a bow or crossbow. Unlike other special containers, quivers do not generally hold more than an equivalent-level bag. However, they used to provide an attack speed bonus for ranged attacks from 10 to 15 percent. With patch 3.1, this effect was removed and hunters received the ranged haste innately. Now there is essentially no reason to want a quiver (or ammo pouch.)

Ammo pouches are like quivers, except that they are used to hold bullets. Hunters that simply want to talk collectively about both types of ammunition containers usually just call them quivers. However, ammo pouches are listed separately under the category of Container on the Auction House.

Because rogues and warriors generally do not carry more than one or two stacks of ammunition at a time to warrant using up an entire bag slot, and have to manually press their shoot button each time they want to fire a ranged attack anyway, quivers were normally only used by hunters.

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