Druid Macros (WoW)  

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This article contains Druid-specific macros that players have found useful.

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Simple CC

/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift/alt] Cyclone; [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift] Entangling Roots
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift]
This macro will allow you to set a target as your CC target, then cast either Cyclone (no modifier) or Entangling Roots (alt) whenever you hit the button. Hitting the Shift button will also force a Focus shift to your current target (can be modified to either ctrl or alt if you so choose, or even replace it with button:2 to refocus on a right-click).

Easy Charge

/cast stance:1,modifier:shift] Enrage
/cast [nostance:1] Dire Bear Form; [stance:1] Feral Charge
This macro allows you to easily use Feral Charge on opponents; shifting into Dire Bear Form if neccessary, and if used with the Shift modifier you will use the Enrage ability to generate the needed Rage to use the Feral Charge.

Easy Prowl

/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form; [stance:3,nostealth] Prowl

An useful macro that will dismount you, shift you into Cat form (if not already in Cat Form) and then Stealth. Spamming the macro will not cause you to toggle stealth on and then off again.

Nifty Buff

#show Wild Berries
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nomodifier:shift] Mark of the Wild; [target=mouseover,help] Gift of the Wild; [help,nomodifier:shift] Mark of the Wild; [help] Gift of the Wild

Designed to greatly simplify your buffing life as a Druid without resorting to a mod. By default it will cast Mark on your mouseover target, and if that is not eligible your current target. Hold shift down and it switches to Gift of the Wild.

Nature's Swiftness/Healing Touch Emergency Heal

#show Nature's Swiftness
/cast [help] [target=targettarget, help] [target=player] Healing Touch

A helpful macro for Druid's that require an emergency one-touch button. This is very useful in groups where Druids can stay targeted on the current tank target. The icon will show properties of the Nature's Swiftness icon (unavailable during cooldown) on your action bar. It will check first to see if you're targeted on a friendly player and if so cast max rank Healing Touch. If the first condition is not true, the next condition will check for the Target's target being a friendly player and cast max rank Healing Touch. If neither of those conditions are met (ie. you have no current target) it will cast max rank Healing Touch on yourself. Since Nature's Swiftness does not activate the global cooldown, this macro will complete in one button press.

Announcing Rebirth

/stopmacro [nohelp,nodead]
/y Ressurrecting %t
/cast Rebirth

This comes in handy when there is more then one druid in a party or raid so that you don't waste cooldowns. Note that if the target has released this macro won't properly announce the target.

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