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Dragon Kill Points (DKP) is a system used by many raiding guilds to reward its players as well as keep tabs on them. DKP is a kind of currency that is earned within a guild for raiding and killing bosses, those points are then spent to buy the loot that drops from a downed boss. The idea of a DKP system is that it allows the guild to reward people fairly and equally based on contribution and effort while removing the human element.

They are as many different variations on the DKP system as there are guilds, and it is used in games from EverQuest to World of Warcraft.

The origin of the name goes all the way back to EverQuest, where the first 2 raid bosses were dragons. The term dragon kill points was coined then and has remained in use.

You can view a video, The infamous Onyxia Raid Wipe Animation (NSFW), at YouTube.

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