Aman'Thul the High Father is an Aesir Titan and the ruler of the Pantheon, or Titan High Council.

His metallic skin is platinum and eyes glow yellow. His hand holds a large staff, Orodur, with a Lightning symbol atop and electricity flows around the staff. He has long hair and a beard reaching his waist.

Aman'Thul rules the Pantheon — the titan high council. He is the oldest and wisest of his ancient race. Once, Aman'Thul and his brother Sargeras oversaw the creation of innumerable worlds across the Twisting Nether and gently guided countless races to greatness. Sargeras was Aman'Thul's closest advisor and supporter until he turned to evil. Now Aman'Thul looks to his consort, Eonar, for council. Though the mysterious High Father is rarely seen, every world feels his presence. As leader of the titans, Aman'Thul is responsible for the creation of all worlds, including Azeroth. All those who revere the titans ultimately pay their respects to the High Father. On Azeroth, explorers have only recently uncovered the titans' existence, and few aside from the Ironforge dwarves venerate them. Dwarves, being a practical lot, show their respect for the titans by delving ever deeper into their mysteries.

He bestowed a portion of his power upon the bronze Aspect, Nozdormu. The Highfather then empowered Nozdormu to guard time itself and ward the pathways of fate and destiny. From this charge, Nozdormu became known everafter as the Timeless One.

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