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The Burning Crusade
Many years ago, the Night Elves were once followers of Arcane magic. Or rather, some of them were. The sect of Elven society that came to be known as the Highborne wielded, and eventually became addicted to, magic. A war was waged when Queen Azshara nearly performed a successful summoning ritual to bring the Burning Legion into Kalimdor, which shattered the lands.

Since then, the Night Elves have not trusted their pale-skinned brethren. Allied with the Humans for many years, the High Elves provided archers and priests, and even taught the Humans how to use magic. In the third war, however, a bigoted general alarmed by their renaming themselves as Blood Elves in memory of their fallen brethren, sent the elves on suicide missions, only to be rescued each time by Illidan's nagas.

Led by Prince Kael'thas, their last surviving royalty, the Blood Elves swore their allegiance to Illidan and many followed him into Outland. The group that remains in Azeroth has been cut off and has sought alliance with the Forsaken to reclaim their homelands and find new sources of magic to replace their lost Sunwell. Mostly untrusted by the other members of the Horde for their unscrupulous motives, the Blood Elves have captured a Naaru and are leeching the powers of the light from it to create their own sect of paladins. As such, Thrall has reluctantly agreed to work alongside them.

In their own language, Thalassian, their name for themselves is Sin'Dorei, which translates into Common as Children of the Blood.

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Racial Traits

  • Arcane Affinity: (passive) +10 bonus to Enchanting
  • Arcane Torrent: (active) Silences all nearby opponents for 2 seconds. Also restores mana (5 + 1/Level%), energy (15), or runic power (15)
  • Magic Resistance: (passive) -2% chance to be hit by spells


  1. ^ All Death Knights start in Ebon Hold and have their own series of starter quests. Wrath of the Lich King expansion is required.

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