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Riding is a secondary skill taught by a riding trainer. There is a different riding trainer for each race, who is usually close to the vendor that sells mounts for that race.

The first riding skill (75) can be learned at level 20[1] for 35 gold (mount not included) and allows the use of a mount that moves 60% faster than regular movement speed. Patch 3.2 lowered it to level 20. After this, Journeyman riding (150) can be learned at level 40, at a cost of 50 gold (plus 10 for a swift mount), and allows the use of an epic riding mount that travels at 150% of the standard movement speed.

Once a character reaches level 70, they can learn to ride a flying mount which can only be used in Outland or Northrend. The first riding skill for the flying mounts is 225, for 800 gold, which allows a player to use a basic flying mount that travels at +60% of standard movement speed. The second riding skill for fliers is 300, which costs 5000 gold and allows a player to use an epic flying mount that increases a players flying speed to +280% of normal movement speed.

For information about different racial mounts, see Mounts.

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Class Alternatives to Purchasing Mounts

Warlocks and Paladins both receive a "free" mount, with training included, at level 30. The mounts they acquire are specific to the class, and they still need to purchase any other mount they would choose. At level 60, they can upgrade these skills to that of an epic land mount, but it requires the completion of an extended quest series that does not save them a great deal of money, if any at all.

Druids, Shamans, and Hunters all receive abilities that enable them to simply run more quickly. Of these, the druid's Travel Form is arguably the most powerful, being faster than the hunter's Aspect of the Cheetah and an instant cast, unlike the shaman's Ghost Wolf. In fairness, Ghost Wolf is learned 10 levels sooner and can become instant with talents, and Aspect of the Cheetah allows the hunter to still use abilities since it is not a shapeshift. However, druids continue to have an advantage at level 66 -- they also learn Flight Form, which is equivalent to a basic flying mount, but 4 levels earlier. This is also instant, and can be used to save the druid from steep falling distances. Like the warlock and paladin mounts, the druid's flight form has an epic version at 70, however the druid must pay for all the riding skills first before they can learn it.


Once a player has purchased a mount and the appropriate riding training, they can right-click their mount to summon it. Seconds later, the character will mount their steed and be able to travel more swiftly. Mounts are traditionally not intended for use in battle, and a mount cannot be called while a player is in combat. If a character is already mounted when they enter combat, they remain that way, but will become dismounted if they are Dazed.

One of the features of Wrath of the Lich King will include mounted combat. Details are currently unknown.

Wrath of the Lich King
Mounts can also not be used indoors. Exceptions have been made for major cities. Flying mounts are only usable in Outland, and will be available in Northrend after certain objectives have been met.

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  1. ^ . The original level for riding was level 40. This was changed in patch version 2.4.4

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