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The Storm Peaks are a mountainous region found in northeastern Northrend. The Sons of Hodir, a strange and reclusive race of giants make this area their home and ward the city of Ulduar.


Abandoned Camp Bor's Breath Bouldercrag's Refuge Brann's Base-Camp The Broodmother's Nest
Brunnhildar Village Camp Tunka'lo Crystalweb Cavern Dun Niffelem Fjorn's Anvil
The Foot Steppes The Forlorn Mine Frostfield Lake Frosthold Garm
Garm's Bane Garm's Rise Grom'arsh Crash-Site Halls of Stone Halls of Lightning
Hall of the Shaper Hibernal Cavern The Howling Hollow The Inventor's Library K3
Loken's Bargain Mimir's Workshop Narvir's Cradle Nidavelir The Pit of the Fang
Plain of Echoes Ricket's Folly Rohemdal Pass Sifreldar Village Snowblind Hills
Snowblind Terrace Snowdrift Plains Temple of Invention Temple of Life Temple of Order
Temple of Storms Temple of Winter Temple of Wisdom Terrace of the Makers Thunderfall
Torseg's Rest Uldis Ulduar Valkyrion Valley of Ancient Winters

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