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World of Warcraft
This category is for any terminology that a person that does not play World of Warcraft might be confused over. This includes acronyms, slang terms, and simply alternate uses of words that have a different meaning in the outside world.

A listing of many words, phrases and abbreviations common to all gamers can be found at Category:Terms

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Achievements (WoW)
Activated Ability (WoW)
Add (WoW)
AE (WoW)
Aggro (WoW)
AoE (WoW)
Bleeding (WoW)
Bonus Healing (WoW)
Botting (WoW)
buffs (WoW)
Camping (WoW)
Caster (WoW)
Cast Bar (WoW)
Charm (WoW)
Chests (WoW)
Combine (WoW)
Common (WoW)
Consumable (WoW)
Crowd Control (WoW)
Death (WoW)
Debuffs (WoW)
Delay (WoW)
Disorient (WoW)
DoT (WoW)
Drink (WoW)
drop (WoW)
Druid Macros (WoW)
Dual Wield (WoW)
Dungeon Set 1 (WoW)
Elite (WoW)
Elixirs (WoW)
Evade (WoW)
Expertise (WoW)
Farm (WoW)
Five Second Rule (WoW)
Flasks (WoW)
Food (WoW)
Frostwolf Clan (WoW)
Gank (WoW)
Global Cooldown (WoW)
griefing (WoW)
Grinding (WoW)
Guild (WoW)
Hacks (WoW)
HoT (WoW)
HP Regen (WoW)
Hunter macros (WoW)
Hybrid (WoW)
Immobilize (WoW)
Incapacitate (WoW)
Instance Abbreviation List (WoW)
instant attack (WoW)
internal cooldown (WoW)
Interrupt (WoW)
in combat (WoW)
Leather (WoW)
Loot (WoW)
Lore (WoW)
LoS (WoW)
macro (WoW)
Mage Macros (WoW)
mana regeneration (WoW)
Melee (WoW)
Melting faces (WoW)
Minion (WoW)
MoB (WoW)
Mounts (WoW)
Mule (WoW)
Normal Server (WoW)
Official Boards (WoW)
Orb of Translocation
Paladin Macros (WoW)
Passive Bonus (WoW)
Pat (WoW)
PC (WoW)
Ping (WoW)
Priest Macros (WoW)
Proc (WoW)
Public Test Realm (WoW)
Pulling (WoW)
Pull (WoW)
PvP server (WoW)
Quest Chains (WoW)
raid (WoW)
Random Drop (WoW)
Rank (WoW)
realm (WoW)
Recipe (WoW)
Recycle (WoW)
Repair (WoW)
Resource Nodes (WoW)
respawn (WoW)
Respec (WoW)
Resurrection Sickness (WoW)
Riding Skill (WoW)
Rogue Macros (WoW)
RP-PvP Server (WoW)
RP Server (WoW)
Sap (WoW)
Say (WoW)
Shaman Macros (WoW)
Sheep (WoW)
slash command (WoW)
Sleep (WoW)
Soul Shard (WoW)
Spawn (WoW)
spawn point (WoW)
spec (WoW)
Spell Book (WoW)
spell coefficient (WoW)
Spell Damage (WoW)
Spirit Healer (WoW)
Stun (WoW)
Tag (WoW)
Talent build (WoW)
tank (WoW)
Target (WoW)
Tell (WoW)
terms (WoW)
threat (WoW)
Tier (WoW)
Tier 10 (wow)
Tier 1 (WoW)
Tier 2.5 (WoW)
Tier 2 (WoW)
Tier 3 (WoW)
Tier 4 (WoW)
Tier 5 (WoW)
tier 6 (wow)
tier 7 (wow)
tier 8 (wow)
tier 9 (wow)
Transmute (WoW)
Unlearn (WoW)
Utility (WoW)
Vendors (WoW)
Warcraft series (WoW)
Warlock Macros (WoW)
Warrior macros (WoW)
Whisper (WoW)
World Drop (WoW)
zone (WoW)