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[sm][b]  /l、 ゙(゚、 。 7  l、゙ ~ヽ  じしf_, )ノ[/b],[/sm] This is Kitty. Copy Kitty to your signature to help her achieve world domination! [quote=Raelix][quote=Guenny]@#%^ing hippies. [/quote] @#%^ing yuppies.[/quote] [quote=FenrirXIII]THIS ONE TIME, I HAD MY LIGHTS OUT AND I COULDN'T READ THE KEYBOARD. WHEN I TRIED TO TURN CAPSLOCK OFF WITH MY PINKY, I WAS CHANGING TARGETS ON SCREEN. I PANIC'D. I THINK IT WAS ANOTHER 4 HOURS I HAD TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS. I MADE ROUNDS TO MY LS ASKING IF THERE WAS SOME SECRET KEYBOARD HOTKEY COMBINATION THAT SWITCHED ME OVER TO A NEW KEY LAYOUT OR SOMETHING. EVENTUALLY I GOT OFF MY ASS BEFORE BED AND TURNED THE LIGHT ON TO DISCOVER I WAS PUSHING TAB INSTEAD OF CAPS LOCK.[/quote] [quote=KaishenRamuh][quote=Xellith]I dont like paying 10$ for equipment.. I pay money for content[/quote] If only there was a series of story-based missions attached to this gear that you would have to complete in order to acquire it...[/quote] DRK main has Latent Effect: Moron, which is usually triggered by being Elvaan, Sandorian, or RDM 75. [quote=Mistress Darqflame]Sorry, anything representing or remotely resembling a dildo is a nono.[/quote][quote=firionx]i wanna like go fast and just blow sh*t up and like never stop shooting so i figure i need more tp so what sub gives tp boosts or yeah[/quote] [quote=Aliekber][quote=xypin][quote=ThePsychoticOne the Prohpet]Not to mention those are level -1, which is slightly lower than EP at 75.[/quote]I knew I should have picked up a sprout beret when I had the chance.[/quote]That's a good idea. I bet the game wouldn't differentiate between a Taru wearing a Sprout Beret and a Tiny Mandragora...[/quote] [quote=gaira]Not to mention the fact that reading more than one post by that rog guy is guaranteed to ruin anyone's day.[/quote] [quote=Cruentus]Be thankful we aren't having this argument in real life.[/quote] [quote=Cruentus]By now, I'm more likely to track your IP.[/quote] [quote=Cruentus]If we had this argument in real life, you'd be hospitalized by now. [/quote] [quote=BusterSwordFTW]It would be interesting for some hot JP chick to rub up on me after seeing my Rajas ring and asking me what server I'm on. That would be freakin sweet. Then we'd probably get married and then work extra hard to have enough cash to fix her teeth.[/quote] [quote=Cruentus]I want to finish Apocalypse, Redemption, Caladbolg, Ragnarok, and Liberator.[/quote] [quote=Cruentus]It's [i]time-consuming[/i] to skill up magic.[/quote] [sm][quote=Turin]Raelix is right, he's being an ass about it, but it doesn't stop him from being right.[/quote][quote=Zelduh]I didn't even know Dangruf Wadi had a strange apparatus. I'm gonna hold secret clubhouse meetings there.[/quote][quote=rdmcandie]Servers are down, im getting drunk[/quote][/sm]