Site Update #10

Site Update

Here are the site updates for the month of September.


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Updated Items: Scale of HsagraQueen's ToyKromrif BonesPolished Bone HornReflecting Sandy ShardReinforced Green Legion NeckguardRestored Figurine of RoRing of BloodRing of the War RunnerRock Breaker HammerShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingShattered Seal of WardingTainted Darksteel SwordTarnished Bastard SwordTarnished ScimitarTop Section of an Engraved SignetVisage of Emperor DraygunVisage of the BruteWand of Arcronite ModulationWand of Restless ModulationXounii's Journal Page 2 Left HalfBonespur MantleSoulpiercerForged ScimitarTarnished Short SwordForged SpearForged Long SwordGuise of Horror

Updated Recipes: Treanic Acid

Bestiary Updates: a gravid drakeTantorWatcher ZedlekGlatiVraptinPantrillaa velium houndVonGafalaTravalaa slain dragona wyvernVohnkarea jack o lanterna jack o lanternsuspicious remainsa brontotheriumKlandicarHechaeva


Updated Items: Rallos Zek Acolyte's FortificationIce Encrusted Mask of BrillianceSol`Dal LilyShiny Lava StoneRose of FlamesEmber FlowerSpear of ConstrictionBlood SuspensionTsiraka's Claws

Updated Quests: Dreadscale GauntletsDraconic Fellowship DrumFiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)Sorted!

Bestiary Updates: charbone skeletonXygozMercutius Del TorreRontar O`KarnSadeem OujvaRak Saparaa burrowing wyvernVohnkareJulius OreskoGrenth DrakebaneCargaliaGlatiPantrillaTsirakaGangelScout Charisa

Zone Updates: Bloodfalls


Updated Items: Lavaspinner's SilkShrunken SkullVelketor's Spell BookMardu's Mercurial VisorOrnate Rune BladeReinforced Incendiary Bracer

Updated Quests: Sparring Armor

Updated Recipes: Spell: Dead Men FloatingShrunken Skull Necklace

Bestiary Updates: Klok Mugruk [Armor]a preying lavaspinnera reclusive lavaspinneran elder lavaspinnerMelalafen


Updated Items: Distillate of Alacrity XElegant ShankShield of Ravenglass' VictimShield of Ravenglass' Victim

Updated Recipes: Distillate of Alacrity XTantalum Studs


Updated Items: Forgotten Crypt KeyFish ScalesRat EarsMahlin's Mystical BongosMaestro's Symphony Page 24 BottomWatchtower RemainsCliff StonePermafrost Crystals

Updated Quests: Bard Epic: Singing Short SwordNorrath's Keepers: Tracking the KirinHistorian Pewdri's TaskFood Supplies

Bestiary Updates: a goblin magician peta goblin magiciana goblin patriarchKonia SwiftfootBaenar SwiftsongHistorian Pewdri [Quests 15+]a shissar defenderBloated SharkThe Arisen Dragoon T`Vem


Updated Items: Bread Cakes*Rough Adept's WandRotting Drop of DuskFog Herb TotemBulwark of Many PortalsDraconic SavvinessCalculating Differential GearFerioBoots of WardingBlank Scroll SheetsGnomework GasketsLambent StoneWater FlaskTorn Page of Mastery EarthBone ChipsRuby LensTorn Page of Mastery WindTorn Page of Mastery WaterTorn Page of Mastery FireStone CollarZombie SkinBlackened SapphireSnake ScalesBat FurFresh FishRat Whiskers

New Quests: Ocean Currents

Updated Quests: Find Fibblebrap 2: Lost CavernsGood Luck, Bad GukPesticideGribble #3: Disrupting the RitualLost Koada`Dal Force

Updated Recipes: Coconut Kiola Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)

Bestiary Updates: Atwin Keladryn [Task Master]a magiciana goblin magicianblazing elementalreckless efreetiEkerosa visiting priestessSecaldru Zandara helot spectreMarl Kastane


Updated Items: Staff of the First WorldStaff of the Tenth WorldLast Light BoltersFire-Runed IcepearlPower of the OrbWords of Magi`kotWords of MasteryPower of the ElementsGold Etched RuneGold Painted RuneExquisite Platinum Silvered RuneWords of Cazic-ThuleRough Defiant Plate GauntletsIce of VeliousExquisite Embossed Rune

Updated Quests: Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery

Updated Recipes: Breaded Storm Salmon

Bestiary Updates: blazing elementalreckless efreetiJahsohn Ak`sotAkksstaffRykasWalnanFirbulg, Tactician of IceIremaw


Updated Items: Fear Touched HelmFear Touched LeggingsFear Touched TunicAnimal VenomVah Shir Claw EarringHeavy Dragonleg Breeches

Bestiary Updates: Plaguespine



Updated Items: Atathus` Battlelancer CoatGrimy PapyrusNiblek's Shiny TrinketRestless SackBlood-Soaked Idol of Vigor

Bestiary Updates: Neh`Ashiira murkglider pupMature Murkglider Devourera tizmak augur


Updated Items: Weeping Heaven BaraeaIce ShyneViolet Conch of the TempestDrape of the UnseenSpirit Wracked UrnWarding StarJagged Long SwordRaw Fine Supple Runic HideSpell: Death PactNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352Finely Crafted Shan`TokRune of Attraction (Jin)Salil's Writ Pg. 64Cold Plate of Beef and BreadHoly Assembly KitWords of the SufferingSpell: Rod of Mystical TransverganceTorch of the ElementsSalil's Writ Pg. 282Moist MarrowWurm MeatDirt of UnderfootBreath of RoTears of PrexusFlamewrought Emerald Band

Updated Quests: Dark Reign TokensFiriona Vie #2: Vengeance and DeliveranceTake EverythingA Tearable Fear

Bestiary Updates: an alligatora squallsurge seahorsea swirlspine seahorsea soothebrine seahorsea tatterback apea tottering gorillaa sarnak championDrusella SathirNezekezenaPhurzikonHaldorak Foamymugs [Cleric Guildmaster]Nella Stonebraidsgreater war boned skeletonSaleb [Quests]Serisariaan elemental chest


Updated Items: Black SapphireCorroded Plate GreavesCorroded Plate VambracesCorroded Plate HelmetCorroded Plate BracerCorroded Plate GauntletsCorroded Plate BootsVambraces of AvoidanceWeather-Worn SignetEnchanted Honed Bloodied LucliniteGanzito's Crystal RingSacred Prayer Shawl of the DukeSacred Prayer Shawl of the DukeSacred Prayer Shawl of the DukeSacred Prayer Shawl of the DukeWarlord's StoneAns Temariel ItraerCrude Defiant Stone FragmentCrude Defiant GreatspearCrude Combatant's ShovelShield of Restless PowerRune of EllipseOrnate Defiant Chain CoifRune of ParalysisNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 115Simple Binding PowderFlawed EmeraldCrushed Lava RubyCrushed Jaundice GemFlawed Sea SapphireCrushed Black Marble

Bestiary Updates: a forsaken revenant - malea cleric of hatea spite golema haunted chesta tatterback gorillaTarbul Earthstridera rogue lionVorken Iceshardan icy servantNezekezenaJennus LyklobarMagi P`TasaPhurzikona watery servanta dragorn slavewurma siren enchantressKromzog Zekkina loathing lichClergyman Rexith


Updated Items: Severed Head of SeverityEmblem of the CombineGeerlok Automated HammerGem Cutter

Updated Quests: Primal VampireOubliette of Light (Raid)Close the Gate (Raid)

Bestiary Updates: BlurgaposhRevenant OzrialDefiler ZaushizDarwol's Bounty



Updated Items: Faded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of BrillianceLuclinite Coagulated Ring of Brilliance

Updated Quests: Aid the Dar Brood

New Recipes: Luclinite Coagulated Ring of Brilliance

Bestiary Updates: an elephantMroongorged ravenerWoran SoothsayerTetraton


Updated Items: Blood-Soaked Necklace of AdroitnessElement of EarthPotion of ShadeweaverOthmir Fez Hat PackageShared Goblet of Adventure IIGoblet of Adventure IIBlood-Soaked Hammer

Updated Quests: Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery

Updated Recipes: Potion of Shadeweaver

Bestiary Updates: Tiblner Mil`nikGolden GhostSorrowDistraught Heapa hungry grub


Updated Items: Distance Awareness IVDistance Awareness IIIDistance Awareness IRegeneration Awareness IIDistance Awareness IIEfficiency Awareness IILucid ShardBlood-Soaked Necklace of AdroitnessElement of EarthPotion of ShadeweaverOthmir Fez Hat PackageShared Goblet of Adventure IIGoblet of Adventure II

New Quests: Dreadspire Tower Key

Updated Quests: Magician Epic: Orb of MasteryFroglok Skin MaskDemiplane Access: Memories Lost (required for Vule)

New Recipes: Distance Awareness IIEfficiency Awareness IIRegeneration Awareness IIDistance Awareness IDistance Awareness IIIDistance Awareness IV

Updated Recipes: Potion of Shadeweaver

Bestiary Updates: Tiblner Mil`nikAmcillaa temple patrollerSivarSorrowDistraught Heapa banished efreetiGolden Ghost


Updated Items: Faded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of BrillianceLuclinite Ensanguined Belt of BrillianceCipher of VeeshanCipher of VeeshanBrood Dragon BloodKey of VeeshanStone KeyHand of GloryKey to CharasisTrakanon IdolSwift GorgetMetamorph Wand - Velious Snow KittenRusty WarhammerDagger*

New Quests: Trakanon Idol (10 Points)Key to Charasis (10 Points)Hand of Glory (10 Points)Palace of Ghiosk Key (10 Points)Key of Veeshan (10 Points)Cipher of Veeshan (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Key to SebilisOrc VestDemiplane Access #4: Misty for YouRuinslayer (30 Points)Kurn's Tower Traveler (10 Points)Frontier Mountains Traveler (10 Points)The Howling Stones Traveler (10 Points)Cabilis Quests - Shestar's Scaled Coif (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Geozite Tool (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - The Restraining Order (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Granite Pebbles (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Illweed Parchment (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Blood Ink (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Scaled Curskins (5 Points)Cabilis Quests - Cursed Wafers (5 Points)

New Recipes: Luclinite Ensanguined Belt of Brilliance

Updated Recipes: Cipher of VeeshanBenefit Awareness IIIBenefit Awareness IVBenefit Awareness V

Bestiary Updates: Linadian [Cloth Armor]Merchant Nluolian [Smithing Supplies]fungus man trackerDry Saparaan evasive witheranan adolescent witherana skinwalker instructora drachnid shadowspinnera Hive breederan elder ritualista perfect splorgathan aged splorgatha mature splorgathElizabeth Duncana cadaverous slavea Hive crawlerShadowy Studenta drachnid high shamana drachnid constructa Hive slavemasterSleepy GuestVolwen the Unkempta drachnid propheta banished efreetia Deep Orc fire tenderan infected slithereran escaped Deep Orc casterAmcillaSivar


Updated Items: Efreeti CarpetMaximillion's IreShadow Slayer's Axe

Bestiary Updates: One-Hundred EyesThe RevenantElizabeth DuncanShadowy StudentExhausted GuestSleepy GuestWyrexxis the Devourer



Updated Items: Linguist's NoteForged Velium RapierBanded Orc VestCage of TransmutationJack-O-LanternMiragul's Reanimation FormulaPiece of the Crystalline GlobeUnnatural Orange Flame

Updated Quests: A Traitor's Fate

New Recipes: Forged Velium Rapier

Bestiary Updates: Erion Ulrich [Archon of Light]


Updated Items: Sandswirled MaskCrumbling Gargoyle JawSmall Velium Tower ShieldVelium Round ShieldSmall Velium Round ShieldSmall Velium Kite ShieldCrystalline Staff of the SpringsDouble Wrapped Wide Belt

New Recipes: Small Velium Kite ShieldSmall Velium Round ShieldVelium Round ShieldSmall Velium Tower Shield

Bestiary Updates: an imperious gargoyle



Updated Items: Faded Velium Gem of Striking

Bestiary Updates: Astyn the Gray [Nights of the Dead Mission]Tully Alford [Nights of the Dead Quests]Chieftain EyetakerVerzooPack Leader Ironfur



Updated Items: Blood-Soaked Amice of VigorRing of True EchoesEnchanted Lrg. Brick of BrelliumDwarven Battle ShieldClear AbsinthClear Absinthe

Updated Quests: The Bridge

Updated Recipes: Dwarven Battle ShieldFirestrand CapFirestrand WristbandFirestrand SleevesFirestrand GlovesFirestrand BootsFirestrand PantaloonsRobe of Eternal FireAirstrand CapAirstrand WristbandAirstrand SleevesAirstrand GlovesAirstrand BootsAirstrand PantaloonsRobe of Immaculate AirEarthweave CapEarthweave WristbandEarthweave SleevesEarthweave GlovesEarthweave BootsEarthweave PantaloonsRobe of Ancient Earth

Bestiary Updates: Trantor EverhotRagunk Everhot [Armor]Tortuk Everhot [Smithing Supplies]Dindaek Everhotstorm giant general


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