Brad McQuaid has passed away

Brad McQuaid has passed away

It is with sad news to report that Brad McQuaid passed away in his home last night.


I just wanted to say something because Brad meant so much to so many people, including myself.

His love and passion for creating new worlds allowed people from all over the world to experience something beyond just a game. His games formed communities that saw players come together to help each other not only in game but out of game. That love spread to so many people. Some of these very same people have branched out into other games and they have created imaginative worlds because they too were able to experience Brad's gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Brad, you will be remembered.

Our hearts go out to his family.


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Tribute to Brad
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I started playing EQ in 2001 when this was the only thing I had in common with a son. Having EQ was something we could share and discuss. Although my son is gone, I remain thankful to Brad for the chance to connect with my son at a time when nothing else worked.
McQuaid tribute
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IN EK, head to Gorge of King Xorbb. But dont go in, To right of entrance to gorge is a little village. ( to east of the alley to gorge) . the marker is in the center of that village where there are some merchants, too.
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Thank you for the many memories you have given us all.

Rest in Peace.
McQuaid tribute
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Found the Brad McQuaid tribute today in East Karana. A fitting place of rememberance for a ranger of Karana, I think.

P 2660, -1410, 4, 0, 240, 0, 3, McQuaid_tribute

For a Man I admired from Afar
# Nov 25 2019 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I did not know Brad McQuaid. But I have played in the world he so masterfully created for over 18 years! I think I got an idea of his personality and character from this wonderful game! The hard work to attain items. The endless camps for rare drops. The epic weapon quests which were the hardest there ever were to attain for a level 55 character. The Onus in the original world of not being able to raise Naggy faction by any means whatsoever to do one of those quests.(Befriend an Enchanter) The camaraderie, the volunteer Guide program, the world of Norrath that I so love and admire were all created by this giant of a man. I offer this poetic tribute to his great contribution to online gaming and in particular, Everquest.

For Mr. McQuaid - Sonnet Variant

EQ is the reason I've healed in my life
As questing for real life goals is most hard
The world you created lessened my strife
I have now become a most grateful Bard.

I sing of your mastery, tell of your soul
In Norrath it's always there to be seen
By those who have eyes to see as a goal
Whose armor needs washing? And is seldom clean?

The world he created and made for us all
Is there for the taking, enjoy and attain!
I for my part have thus heeded it's call
And the pleasure for years has to me been great gain

I did not know you and this I regret
When the Reaper comes calling I may meet you yet.

Mantropius Cares
Noble Human Paladin of the 107th Season
Faithful follower of Mithaniel Marr
The Rathe/Prexus

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Rest in peace
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Rest in peace and thanks for a great game--still playing after nearly 20 years. Visionary
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I will always remember him as a legendary gaming figure. I have easily spent more time playing Everquest than any other game in my life. He will be missed.
Far too young...
# Nov 22 2019 at 6:05 AM Rating: Good
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Very sad. A legendary name in gaming, for sure.
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Though we may never meet
# Nov 20 2019 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
I want you to know how important your dream has became mine and what it has done to me in my life. I will forever be in debt for the times that you have saved me unknowingly and I pray that one day I get to share my memories that you have created for me. I am sure I say this for a lot of people but you will never be forgotten my friend
Never ending adventure
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You are on the adventure of a lifetime right now. You see and know things we can only dream of for now. Till we meet again my friend.

I will forever hold the memories in my heart.
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A gift that continues to give
# Nov 20 2019 at 11:12 AM Rating: Excellent
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Imagine, if you will, a property in Richmond, Michigan with a barn and several horses, being converged upon for a three day weekend by a couple dozen people who had mostly never met in person, but who were coming together for a guild retreat. These were people from all across the country, and I believe Canada was also represented. They were here to share stories, barbecue, and get drunk together. There commonality was their membership in the guild LOST FIRES, of Ayonae Ro. Many of the friendships formed endure to this day.

Thank you Brad, for forging a universe in which so many could come together from all across the globe, to play together, and work together on common goals. I know many other guilds had similar gatherings, both from EQ and EQ II, and beyond. Your creativity and vision and imagination made possible so much for so many. One of the best Paladins I have ever played with was a complete beast in game, but in real life was a skinny young nerd who would rather read and listen to classical music than go out on a Friday night. What you created with EQ allowed him to be something more than what he had in real life. You did this for hundreds of thousands over the years. We all are in your debt.

Norrath is not as sunny today.

Faramor - Ranger
Bylimet Spiritwalker - Druid
Bytesum - Rogue
Member of LOST FIRES of Ayonae Ro
The passing of a giant
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For Brad,
Your touch reached millions, inspiring our imaginations and giving us a forum to come together for common purpose. Friendships, relationships that have and will have spanned lifetimes, were created through your worlds. You, through your creations, have meant so much by so many that there is no way I can describe to you what they have meant because I do not have the words. You will be sorely missed, and my heart goes out to those who knew you in life. To your family and friends, I thank you for sharing Brad with the rest of the world.

Good bye, and rest in peace.
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