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The official forum rules are located here:

This thread lists the forum rules as they are on 4-15-2010. In the event of any discrepincies between this sticky and the official document above, this forum sticky is automatically overruled.

Sticky requests should follow the sticky guidelines and be submitted in a new thread.

Forum rule questions, comments, and requests for clarification should be submitted in a new thread or PM'd to Kaolian.


The Zam forum rules are here to provide a general guideline for users of the Allakhazam forums. They are by no means all inclusive, and exception cases will be dealt with by staff as they arise.

Use of the Zam forum system is a privilege, and is covered under the Terms of Service that all members must agree to prior to creating an account. The specific forum relevant terms of service sections are as follows:

Member agrees that posting on the forums in this site is a privilege and that the posting of deliberately false information, linking to pornographic or illegal sites, or the consistent use of abusive and profane language can cause him to lose his posting rights. reserves the right to remove the posting privileges of any person for any reason without any warning or recompense.

Member Forums (journals) are moderated solely by the members and may not be used for pornographic, immoral, hateful or illegal purposes. reserves the right to delete any forums that it finds offensive or in violation of these rules.

The full terms of service may be reviewed here:

I. Post content and Harassment

The forums are a dynamic and sometimes rowdy environment, and a certain degree of banter, teasing and heated discussion is expected and tolerated. Keep in mind that your post content is subject to the same rules and responsibilities that you would experience under any face to face conversation. Libel and slander laws are applicable, so post accordingly. We will generally not intervene in a thread until we receive complaints, it is deemed excessive and persistent by admin review, or a thread devolves to personal attacks or threats of violence. Racial, ethnic, gender, and other such slurs will also be removed. Administrators may lock, remove, or modify any post without notice, at their discretion.

Please note: content in the forum designated “Asylum” is by design less regulated. While there are still limits, please be aware that content in that specific section of the forum is not subject to the same level of restrictions listed above. Post there at your own risk.

New user tolerance: We all know that new posters can sometimes take a while to fit in. Please remember that you were once a newbie yourself, and take the time to show them the ropes rather than blasting them for not knowing how things work. If they ask for help, show them the way. If they deliberatly seek to provoke trouble, deal with it accordingly.

Hostile content directed at children of other forum members: At no point, in any forum is it allowable to target children of a forum member with harsh insults, harassment, or other deliberate provocations aimed at causing strife with another forum member. The definition of harsh insults, harassment, or other deliberate provocations is to be determined by the Administrator after recieving a complaint from an injured party, and would be considered to be significantly above and beyond the level of content we would normally encounter in these forums. Such actions will be automatically considered excessive and persistent, and will be dealt with accordingly. There is a general exception allowed for good natured statements made in jest, that are recognized to be in jest by both parties, however in a dispute we will rule against the party who originates the statement.

Disputes: If you have a dispute with another forum user, please make an effort to resolve the issue yourself before seeking admin intervention. Remember, it is very hard to judge tone of "voice" from a text post, so what you read as objectionable may have actually been intended in jest.

Reporting posts: The forum system now contains a "report" post button at the bottom of every thread. Please use this function to report any objectionable posts.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

II. Off topic posts

Any post deemed off topic by moderation staff may be locked, moved or removed at the discretion of the moderator, with or without notice.

If you believe a post is in the wrong forum, please submit it for review to a moderator, or use the report forum post function.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

III. Stupid, Inane or controversial posts

There are a lot of different posting styles, opinions and views on the forums. Not all of them will be things you agree with, condone, or even things that make sense. While such posts can be annoying, they are allowable. Use the karma system to deal with such posts, as it is working as intended.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

IV. Avatars

All premium member avatars must not exceed PG-13 standards as defined by the Motion Picture Association of America. Prohibited avatar content includes, but is not limited to nudity, obscene or indecent language or visual content, animations containing sexually suggestive motions, and content that causes excess controversy. Avatars that deliberately include excessive blinking, flashing or other intentional annoyance devices are also prohibited. All avatar images are subject to admin approval and may be removed at the discretion of the administrator.

If you believe an avatar image to be inappropriate, please submit it for review to a moderator.
Section updated: 3/16/2010

V. Uploaded images

All premium member uploaded images must not exceed PG-13 standards as defined by the Motion Picture Association of America REGARDLESS of if they are ever posted in the forums. All uploaded images are viewable by other site users. Prohibited uploaded image content includes, but is not limited to nudity, obscene or indecent language or visual content, animations containing sexually suggestive motions, and content that causes excess controversy. All uploaded images (viewable on the "Your Images" page) are subject to admin approval and may be removed at the discretion of the administrator.

If you believe an image to be inappropriate, please submit it for review to a moderator using the report image button.

Since images are larger and therefore potentially more offensive than avatar image content, extremely objectionable image uploads are grounds for an immediate ban.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

VI. Linked content

Links to external content require deliberate user action to view, so they are granted somewhat more leeway than images and avatars. For content that exceeds PG-13 guideline levels as defined by the Motion Picture Association of America, please ensure that you include a [NWS] marking (Not Work Safe) in bold red font in your post above the link (for language, excessive violence, or sexual content amongst others) . Please try to limit your links to the "R" category and below. Users are responsible for all content they link.

Extremely objectionable links are not allowed even with an [NWS] tag. All Link content is subject to admin approval and may be altered, removed or edited to include [NWS] tags at the discretion of the administrator.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

VII. Spam

A. Forum spam

Forum spam is defined as the act of repeatedly posting in a single thread, multiple new identical thread topics in a single forum, or multiple identical topics in different forums for the purposes of:

1. Disrupting the site

2. Unfairly padding ones post count

3. Promoting a single idea across multiple forums where one thread will suffice. (i.e. posting the same thread in every server forum, etc.)

Most spamming incidents will result in an initial temporary mute of the account while the extent and content of spam are investigated. Allowances are made for the occasional accidental multipost, server glitches, and content and rate of spam are also evaluated. Unintentional spam, or incidents occurring out of ignorance will generally result in a warning. All other incidents of spam will be dealt with by a temporary or permanent mute or a full ban.

Admin anouncement exception clause: From time to time an admin will need to inform, or request information from, a large body of forum users. In such cases an admin may at their discretion post a thread in multiple forum locations for official purposes.

General guidelines for determining if a poster is spamming:

1. They have more than 3 consecutive posts in the same thread during a short period of time (allowances are made for server errors.)

2. They have multiple consecutive topics in the same forum in a short period of time

3. They have multiple copies of a single thread in multiple forums. (usually this occurs out of ignorance for the policy and a warning is sufficient to prevent further problems)

B. PM spam

While the PM system does have an ignore function, persistently spamming another user is considered a form of harassment and will be dealt with as such. Forum moderators cannot see the content of your PM’s, so any abuse will need to be referred to a developer for examination directly from the tables. Please use the report PM link to report any objectionable PMs.

C. RMT (Gold / Gil/ Plat/ powerlevel / etc.) spam

The Zam network does not condone or allow the posting or PMing of ads for these prohibited game services or activities. Period. Any user found posting such ads will be immediately banned without appeal.

The selling of accounts, items, services, or anything else game related for real money is not allowed in the Zam forums. If you see a post where someone is doing so, please report it to the moderators immediately. There are a variety of reasons for this policy, but the primary reason is to protect our users from potential scams.

To clarify:
  • Can I sell my lvl 4 character here? NO
  • Can I sell someone my spiffy sword thingy of doom for $cash? NO
  • Can I trade someone my spiffy sword thingy of doom for some other type of spiffy sword thingy? YES
  • Can I sell gil/gold/plat/game money here for $cash? NO
  • Can I sell my spiffy sword thingy of doom for gil/gold/plat/game money here? YES
  • Can I give someone, out of the goodness of my heart with absolutely no strings or conditions attached my spiffy sword thingy of doom on this site? YES
  • Can I sell my account here for gil? or eq platinum? or any other form of anything? Can I sell my account here period? how about if I just want to give it away? NO
  • What about my CDs? Can I give those away? Ask for copies? No account, I swear! Just CDs! NO
  • Can I trade my account for a different one? NO
  • How about my grandparents? or my little brother? NO

D. Virus, keylogger or other exploit spam

Any poster found to be willfully distributing viruses, keyloggers or other such illegal and harmful software on the ZAM network will be immediately removed and reported to the appropriate law enforcement entities.

Please note: Any potentially suspect file formats (*.zip, *.exe) linked on our forums from non established accounts will likely be removed pending verification. This is for the protection of our users.

E. Advertisement, "special offer" links and deliberately deceptive links

In most instances, advertising is not allowed on the ZAM forums. Advertising requests should be directed to the Affinity Media advertising department. We will allow occasional exceptions for content that is relevant to the game or forum in which it is posted, is not spammed in multiple locations, and is provided as a community service rather than an attempt to make money (Example: someone offering guild web site hosting space)

Links to offers which are attempts by the original poster to garner additional users to bolster their own chances will be immediately removed and the user banned. Click-through "games" which require a user to try and trick people into clicking your link will also be removed.

Posting a forum link with the deliberate intent to direct users to content they are not expecting (via url shortening services, misleading descriptions, etc.) is not tolerated.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

VIII. Forum Sticky Rules

So you want a sticky for your corner of the forum. What now?

Sticky requests should be posted in the feedback forum.

First, check your forum and see how many existing sticky threads you have. If it is more than 2 existing stickies, your chances of getting a sticky are significantly decreased. The maximum number of stickied threads is 3. Any more than 3 and new threads are off the page in 800 x 600 resolution.

If there are three stickies already, and you just have to have An_uber_thread_04 stickied, compile some of them, or add your thread to the existing ones. To compile two stickies, take the relevant sticky info from two stickied threads, put it together in a new post, and include the links to the original threads, and credit to the original posters. Then post the link here for review and sticking and de-stickying of the originals. Compilation threads will almost always be stickied, no questions asked. be sure to let us know it is a compilation though.

If the sticky is for one of the main forums (EQ, WOW, EQ2, FFXI, etc.) the standards are generally more stringent.

O.k., I've jumped through your hoops now and done all that sillyness, and my sticky is submitted here as a sticky request. What happens now?

First, We take a look at the thread. Is it well written and formatted? Or if not well formatted does it contain enough information to make stickying it worthwhile? How many people have rated it positive? Negative?

Next, we look at who submitted it. Self submitted sticky requests are usually not stickied. it's more of a nomination system. There are some exceptions, but they are rare.

Finally, we look at the forum. are there existing stickies? If not, then the sticky is pretty much automatic. the more stickies there are, the more scrutiny the thread gets before sticky.

There is no limit on how many stickies a particular person can have. If someone is really good at writing stickies and no one else wants the job, it is not unusual to see more than one sticky by a person. Sticky quality > posting name.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

IX. Posting personal information about yourself / others.

Posting of personally identifying information such as phone numbers, addresses, real names, etc. is not allowed. We cannot verify all phone numbers, so even if you claim to be posting your own number, you could just as easily be posting the phone number of someone else to annoy them. This has happened before.

Posts providing personal information deliberately to provoke harassment of another person (i.e. posting your ex boy/girl friends phone number, etc) will be immediately removed and will be grounds for further action.

E-mail addresses and other such forms of electronic communication with filtering capability (like AIM or ICQ) are allowed.

Charity donation or emergency information exceptions: In the event that a phone number needs to be posted (such as a donation line for the Red Cross or other similar charity after a disaster, etc) please contact a moderator to ensure the post goes through unimpeded.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

X. Karma

If you are rating every post in a thread or a forum, especially in a long thread, up or down, you might be karma camping. The decision is based on an admin review, and we generally take into account the tone of the thread, your past rating history, any user complaints we receive, and how often such incidents occur.

If you are following a specific user around and rating every post they make up or down, you might be karma camping. The decision is based on an admin review of your rating history, their rating history on you (if any), the tone of recent posts you and they made, and if they or you did anything particularly offensive in their posts. If two people want to karma camp each other into oblivion, well that's fine with us.

Threads started in the forum for a group of users to all rate each other up are extremely discouraged.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

XI. Deliberate forum content disruption

Posts that deliberately render the forum unreadable, such as efforts to force threads off the page, extremely large blank spaces (multiple line returns) to make users take longer to scroll to the next post, Quote stacks (multiple copies of the same quote over and over again in a single post) and quote "pyramids" of extreme size are unacceptable and will be immediately removed.

Breaking the forum filters (i.e. the swear filter, bad link filter, etc) is also not allowed. The filters are there for a reason, please do not attempt to bypass them, especially in the Gaming forums and the Out of Topic Forum.

Necroposting: The act of posting in an extremely old thread for the sole purpose of bringing it to the foreground of the forum to disrupt the existing threads is considered necroposting, and is prohibited. Extremely old is a subjective term, to be determined by the administrators. Threads that are legitimately, or accidentally necroposted in may be left at the discretion of the admin. Deliberately necroposted threads will be returned to the page from where they came, and may be locked if necessary.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

XII. Sock puppets

Creating a secondary account for the sole purpose of annoying the forum, propping up your case in debate threads, or adding derision to the debate arguments of others is considered creating a sockpuppet account. Sockpuppet accounts that cause problems will be removed.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

XIII. Ratebots

Creating a secondary account for the purpose of bolstering your own karma, bypassing a norate flag, or doubling your rate capability on others is considered creating a ratebot. Ratebots will be removed. If you happen to have two people sharing an IP address, please inform a moderator so no misunderstandings occur. Accounts sharing an IP address should never rate each other up.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

XIV. Forum system abuse penalties

Administrators and moderation staff may employ a variety of tools, at their discretion. These include warnings, edits, thread locks, post count adjustment, removing rating ability (norate), removing the ability to post but leaving posts intact (mute), removing the ability to post in the forums and all posts (Ban) or in extreme cases IP bans. The karma system may also be adjusted to counter systemic rating abuse.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

XV. Administrator decision appeals process

Administrator and moderator rulings are very rarely overturned, however a decision may be appealed one of the following ways:
  • Appeal directly to the moderator or admin who took action via PM. This is the preferred method of resolving differences. Please make an effort to explain your situation and any extenuating circumstances.
  • Contact a different admin to get a second opinion. Please note that we will discuss any and all requests for second opinions with the original issuing admin along with all specifics. You will generally want to direct such inquiries to Kaolian.
  • Post directly in Forum=3.
  • E-mail Darqflame directly.

Once a decision has been appealed, the results are final. Please do not press the issue further.

Site and game content outside the forum can be resolved by contacting the respective game content managers from the Staff Bios page:

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 1. Posting Surveys

Survey posting by outside parties is allowed only for educational purposes. Commercial surveys, or surveys without an academic background are expressly prohibited and will be immediately removed.

Prior to posting any survey, you are required to contact one of the following Forum Administrators:

And to provide verified contact information and academic credentials, including a university associated e-mail address from which the request originates. A full, unaltered copy of the survey questions must also be provided.

All other survey posts will be removed and the originating account banned.

In-forum poll system exemption: This amendment specificlaly does not cover in forum polls generated by forum users. The intent is to prevent unnecessary spam by outside entities with no real investment in the forum system.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 2. Forum user names

Any forum name found to contain offensive references that were not caught by the filter will be immediately changed to something of our choosing. At the Administrator's discretion the account may be banned if the name is particularly offensive.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 3. Posting torrent sites, illegal content, or copyrighted material

Legitimate torrent sites, such as those hosting legitmate game patches, are allowed, but should be cleared with an administrator prior to posting if there is any question.

Sites hosting illegal downloads, "private" servers, or material that has been brought to our attention as being in violation U.S. law is not allowed and will be immidiatly removed. All copyrighted content, regardless of format, that is submitted to the forums will be removed at the request of the copyright holder.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 4. Reporting Forum Images

Forum images that have objectionable content should be reported, however excessive and persistant reporting of images that are not objectionable is considered a form of harrasment and will be dealt with as such. Currently the only way to prevent image reporting is a full ban.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 5. Reporting Forum Posts

Forum posts that have objectionable content should be reported, however excessive and persistant reporting of posts that are not objectionable is considered a form of harrasment and will be dealt with as such. Currently the only way to prevent post reporting is a full ban.

Section updated: 3/16/2010

Amendment 6. Adblock discussions

The rule regarding adblock has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section updated: 4/15/2010

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