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#1 Oct 24 2011 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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A week ago (real) I was sort of down on both the server and Guild I was on. Rather than the tedious way, I just decided to find a closer and more populous serve and a new guild. Being too cheap to pay to switch, I just started a new toon, same class, race, everything. I figured I could quickly regain my "lost" levels. Its not quite as fast as I thought, but I'm satisfied with level 50 in eight days. I play solo, so its all questing and random dungeons.

Anyway, in my old life, at level 73 I was running Lich king and Burning Crusade heroic dungeons when another player asked me, essentially, how did you get in here with that gear. Since I was outplaying him/her, I just shrugged. But with the new guy, I figure, why not do it right? So I asked my guildies the best way to gear up for heroics and raids. (I was level 20 or so then). Their response was 'don't sweat it, just play". They're a good bunch, seemingly, but that didn't help much.

So I'll ask here: I'm currently running (gear) about 3-2 (blue-green). My bow is in the 40DPS range, my melee weapon around 33 depending on which I equip, both blue. The only piece I've seen of the higher stuff was something a hunter couldn't use. I'm not quite back to where I was give me another week or so, but starting now, what should I be doing to gear up for the higher runs?

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For leveling I pretty much take the same approach as your guildies. I don't see the point in taking time to collect gear that you will out level quickly.

From 80-85 I take a slightly different approach, on the first characters I leveled I went through all the quests in the zone for the experience of doing the content, running the dungeons a couple of times. For alts I've tried to be a bit smarter about questing and what I generally aim to do it quest enough in each zone to get friendly (so I can buy the tabard for rep in le vel 85 dungeons), Mount Hyjal I make sure to assist all the shrines (listed in this quest Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients) so that when I hit 85 I can unlock the firelands vendor (Matoclaw's Band is what you'll be interested in). Deepholm I normally quest in until I've unlocked the therazane dailies (which is basically the whole zone) so I can work on getting rep for shoulder enchants. You could just quest until friendly and then get tabard rep though.

Dungeons while questing are also good for gearing up (as you get drops and JP) and I think that they work out well for xp when you are doing the 7 weekly random ones.

Once you've hit 85 you can start spending your JP on items (I usually for for the tier items and then the blue helm if I've been unlucky with drops - hats with meta gems are cool), check to see if you can buy any rep rewards and you might also want to look for BoE items on your server, there might be some slots you can fill relatively cheaply and so be able to save your points for other slots. Do your cloak quest and quests to unlock the molten front vendor (for the ring above) in Mount Hyjal. I try to enchant and gem (uncommon for 333/346 ilvl and rare for 353+) all my items, but I have a JC and enchanting alt which saves me a bit on the costs.

My gearing strategy is basically aimed at getting ready for level 85 content as quickly as possible. If you find yourself unable to queue for dungeons at lower levels because your ilvl is too low then I would recommend questing for gear in the highest zone you can for your level (remember items that you can use count towards your ilvl even if you haven't equipped them) or looking at the AH to see if there are some cheap upgrades. Unless your gear level is so bad that you're a detriment to the group there is no need to worry about gearing up for lower level content.
#3 Oct 26 2011 at 10:10 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah. While leveling your gear doesn't really matter much at all. You'll get upgrades as you level and most things get replaced in a few levels anyway. It's usually not worth going out and looking for specific gear while you're still leveling.

Once you're 85 you can start running normal dungeons for gear til you get a high level ilevel for heroics (you can also cheat the system a bit by getting PVP gear.) You can also do the firelands quests and dailies for more gear (and money.)
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Thanks for the response. Most helpful! Believe it or not, I've bookmarked it so I can refer back to it.

I do seem to be gearing up faster this time, mostly by running a lot of dungeons (both random dailies and specific quests) and NOT overstaying my welcome in an area. When the quests all seem to be more than two levels behind me, that's the time I just clean up or abandon whats left and move on.

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