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This article will discuss many of the most popular Warrior talent builds, along with the variations each one allows and the reasons for the point placements.

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PvE Tanking Builds

Pure Tanking


The basic raid tanking build, this build lets you max out on avoidance and mitigation while maintaining very strong threat generation. Used for solid, dependable tanks who don't tend to do a whole lot of other things.

In the Arms tree, the points in Imp Heroic Strike and Impale help to provide an increased threat generation, while deflection adds a very important 5% parry to the tank's avoidance.

Over in Protection, the tree is chock-full of both mitigation and threat talents with several offering both (i.e. Shield Mastery, Critical Block, and Imp. Defensive Stance). Utility abilites such as Shockwave and Vigilance also come in very handy as both threat and mitigation tools. Lastly Warbringer is very nice for both pulling (especially when tied into Improved Charge over in Arms) and maintaining mobility around the fight.

There are a few "optional" points in this build however.

  • Impale - These 2 points may be spent elsewhere
  • Imp. Spell Reflection - These 2 points come in very useful in 5man content and trash pulls, but depending on the raid boss the tank is fighting, could have limited usefullness.
  • Going 3/5 or 4/5 in Shield Specialization is also fairly common, typically picking up 1 or 2 points in Imp. Bloodrage.

PvE DPS Builds



Titan's Grip (released with Wrath of the Lich King) allows deep Fury Warriors to weild Two-Handed Weapons with 1 hand, thus enabling them to weild 2 2-handers at once. There is a bit of a hit rating penalty on special attacks, but that can be mostly mitigated through the Precision talent and then some +hit gear on top of it.

In the Arms tree, going up through Two-Handed Weapon Specializaion adds considerable damage to this spec, since the warrior is weilding two 2-handers. The points in Imp. Heroic Strike help to lessen the rage drain on HS usage. Impale and Deep Wounds drive the DPS upwards as well. Deflection and Imp. Charge are basically "trash points" used to move up in the tree. These points can easily be spent elsewhere in the tree.

Over in Fury, there is a little leeway for moving points around, most notably would be picking up Bloodsurge for 3 points elsewhere once the warrior's crit is high enough to support it. It is typically not recommended to pick up at lower crit levels though.

Rage generation with this spec can be rather spotty as well, this is mitigated with Intensify rage, which lowers Berserker Rage's cooldown to 20 seconds and Bloodrage's cooldown to 40 seconds.

The points in both Booming Voice and Commanding Presence allow for the Warrior to have great utility, allowing the warrior's Battle Shout to grant almost 700 Attack Power for 3 minutes (4 1/2 with the Glyph of Battle) and Commanding Shout to grant nearly 3,000 health for 3 minutes. Armored to the Teeth (optional) and Imp. Berserker Stance (Required for AP boost and threat reduction) also help to drive up the Warrior's personal Attack Power (and Imp. Berserker Stance has the added benefit of adding a lower threat coefficient, something very important for melee DPS in general).


PvP Builds

World of Warcraft

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