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Who is this Fewyn guy?

Oh noes! I'm taking a picture of myself!
Fewyn is a character I created in the mid 90s when I was first learning to play D&D, he was a gnomish monk. From there he has become every character I've played in any game. I currently reside in Titusville, Florida which is right across the river from the Space Center. I joined the WoW CM team at the beginning of October 2008.

Fewyn's Gaming History

My very first MMO, as you would guess, was EQ which I played back when Shadows of Luclin came out all the way to Dragons of Norrath. Played a Cleric most of the time but also played a Bard a bit and loved it, I've played every class to some extent though. I also spent a brief stint in EQ2, wasn't very fond of it but back then my machine wasn't anything fancy and I may revisit it sometime in the future.

I've also played games on and off such as Anarchy Online, EVE Online, City of Heroes/Villains, Ragnarok Online, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XI and Lord of the Rings Online.

As you should all know I do play World of Warcraft which I started playing at release (Also played a bit during the Stress Test beta), I'm what some of you might consider to call a hardcore raider. I used to raid 5-7 nights a week and have seen everything from Molten Core all the way up and into the Black Temple, I'm currently clearing all raid content in 3.0 in 1.5 nights a week while prepping for Ulduar. I also play the wonderful browser game Kingdom of Loathing.

My Gaming Machine

All my computers since 2002 have been custom built by me but this is my current machine. I call this one Musubi.

  • ASUS P5QL Pro Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83Ghz CPU
  • 6GB PC2 8500 RAM
  • nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS OC 640MB
  • Dell 19" LCD Monitor
  • Windows 7 Beta Build 7077
Musubi on its side
The front
The entire setup

My Current Gaming Characters

World of Warcraft

I run a mixture of both Alliance and Horde, all of which are on Norgannon US.

Name Level Class Race Current Spec
Moonshaker 80 Druid Night Elf Balance
Fewyn 70 Druid Tauren Feral
Notholy 70 Priest Dwarf Shadow
Zanjutsu 80 Warlock Gnome Destro
Rin 70 Hunter Blood Elf Beast Mastery

Final Fantasy XI

I formerly played on Bahamut!

Name Race Job Subjob Level
Fewyn Mithra Monk Warrior 21

Fun Facts

  • Fewyn has ran #wow on Allakhazam IRC for a very long time.
  • Fewyn loves to lurk on IRC also.
  • Fewyn loves to watch anime and has watched well over 1 terabyte of it over the years.
  • Fewyn also loves to read books, mainly ones written by Terry Pratchett.
  • Fewyn also plays MUDs specifcally the Discworld MUD.
  • Fewyn loves his football, if anyone where ever to take away his football he would eat their soul.
  • Fewyn in real life was named after Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins and will always be a Dolphins fan anyways.

My World of Warcraft Guides

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