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This category is for the mathematical and functional aspects of how the game works.

World of Warcraft

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3v3 (WoW)
5v5 (WoW)
5 second rule (wow)
arena (WoW)
arena gear (wow)
Armor (WoW)
Attack Power (WoW)
Attack Speed (WoW)
Auto Shoot (WoW)
avoidance (WoW)
Boss (WoW)
Combat Events (WoW)
combo points (wow)
Creature Type (WoW)
Defense (WoW)
Delay (WoW)
Dual Wield (WoW)
Energy (WoW)
finishing move (wow)
Five Second Rule (WoW)
Global Cooldown (WoW)
Haste (WoW)
Hate List (WoW)
Healing (WoW)
Hit Table (WoW)
Honor Gear
HP Regen (WoW)
instant attack (WoW)
internal cooldown (WoW)
Itemization Formulas (WoW)
Item Quality (WoW)
Lake Wintergrasp
level (WoW)
mana (WoW)
mana regeneration (WoW)
mitigation (WoW)
MP5 (WoW)
Normalization (WoW)
Personal Rating
Queue (WoW)
Rage, Energy, and Mana (WoW)
Shot Rotation (WoW)
spell coefficient (WoW)
Spell Damage (WoW)
Team Rating (WoW)
The Math of Combat (WoW)
threat (WoW)
threat meter (WoW)
threat values (WoW)