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This category is for description of the world in general, and includes any landmarks large or small that might appear on a map.

World of Warcraft

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7th Legion Front (WoW)
Abandoned Camp (WoW)
Abandoned Reach (WoW)
Agama'gor (WoW)
Agmar's Hammer (WoW)
Amberpine Lodge (WoW)
Amber Ledge (WoW)
Ancient Lift (WoW)
Angrathar the Wrath Gate (WoW)
Apothecary Camp (WoW)
Ashenvale (WoW)
Astranaar (WoW)
Auberdine (WoW)
Axis of Alignment (WoW)
Azure Dragonshrine (WoW)
Azure Front
Azure Front (WoW)
Baelgun's Excavation Site
Baelgun's Excavation Site (WoW)
Baleheim (WoW)
Band of Acceleration (WoW)
Bathran's Haunt (WoW)
Beryl Point (WoW)
Blackchar Cave (WoW)
Blackrock Mountain (WoW)
Black Dragonflight (WoW)
Bleeding Vale
Blistering Pools (WoW)
Bloodspore Plains (WoW)
Bloodtooth Camp (WoW)
Bloodvenom Post
Booty Bay (WoW)
Bor'gorok Outpost
Bor'gorok Outpost (WoW)
Bor's Breath (WoW)
Borean Tundra (Alliance Quest Guide)
Borean Tundra (Horde Quest Guide)
Bouldercrag's Refuge (WoW)
Boulder Lode Mine (WoW)
Brann's Base-Camp (WoW)
Briny Pinnacle
Bronze Dragonshrine
Brunnhildar Village (WoW)
Caldemere Lake
Camp of Caw (WoW)
Camp Oneqwah (WoW)
Camp Tunka'lo (WoW)
Camp Winterhoof
Cenarion Refuge (WoW)
Chamber of Aspects (WoW)
Charred Rise (WoW)
Chillmere Coast
Chillwind Point (WoW)
Chill Glade
Coldarra (WoW)
Coldwind Heights (WoW)
Conquest Hold (WoW)
Corrahn's Dagger (WoW)
Crystalweb Cavern (WoW)
Crystal Vice (WoW)
Daggercap Bay
Darkshire (WoW)
Death's Stand
Death's Stand (WoW)
Death Knight Start(WoW)
Demon Fall Canyon (WoW)
Demon Fall Ridge (WoW)
Den of Dying (WoW)
Derelict Strand
Dragonblight (Alliance Quest Guide)
Dun Niffelem (WoW)
Dustfire Valley (WoW)
Eastern Kingdoms (WoW)
Ebon Hold Quest Guide (WoW)
Ebon Watch (WoW)
Echo Cove (WoW)
Ember Clutch
Ember Spear Tower
Emerald Dragonshrine
Emerald Dragonshrine (WoW)
Emerald Sanctuary (WoW)
Excavation Lift
Explorers' League Outpost
Falcon Watch
Falfarren River (WoW)
Fallen Sky Lake (WoW)
Farshire (WoW)
Farshire Lighthouse (WoW)
Felfire Hill (WoW)
Festering Pools (WoW)
Firewatch Ridge (WoW)
Fire Scar Shrine (WoW)
Fizzcrank Airstrip (WoW)
Fjorn's Anvil (WoW)
Flight Master (WoW)
Flight Point (WoW)
Fordragon Hold (WoW)
Forest Song (WoW)
Forlorn Woods (WoW)
Fort Wildevar (WoW)
Frostblade Peak (WoW)
Frostfield Lake (WoW)
Frosthold (WoW)
Frostmourne Cavern (WoW)
Frozen Reach (WoW)
Frozen Sea (WoW)
Galakrond's Rest
Garm (WoW)
Garvan's Reef (WoW)
Ghostblade Post (WoW)
Giants' Run
Glimmer Bay (WoW)
Greenpaw Village (WoW)
Grimesilt Dig Site (WoW)
Grizzly Hills (Alliance Quest Guide)
Grom'arsh Crash-Site (WoW)
Hall of Stasis
Hillsbrad Fields (WoW)
Howling Fjord (Alliance Quest Guide)
Icemist Village
Isle of Spears
Ivald's Ruin
K3 (WoW)
kalimdor (wow)
Kamagua (WoW)
Kargathia Keep (WoW)
Kaw's Roost (WoW)
Kor'kron Vanguard (WoW)
Lakeshire (WoW)
Lake Cauldros
Light's Breach (WoW)
Light's Hope Chapel (WoW)
Maestra's Post (WoW)
Midwall Lift
Mightstone Quarry (WoW)
Moa'ki Harbor (WoW)
Moonrest Gardens
Moonwell (WoW)
Mor'shan Rampart (WoW)
Mystral Lake (WoW)
Nasam's Talon (WoW)
Naxxanar (WoW)
New Agamand (WoW)
New Hearthglen (WoW)
Nightsong Woods (WoW)
Night Run (WoW)
Njord's Breath Bay (WoW)
North Spear Tower (WoW)
Obsidian Dragonshrine
Outland (WoW)
Plains of Nasam (WoW)
Purgation Isle (WoW)
Quel'thalas (WoW)
Ratchet (WoW)
Raynewood Retreat (WoW)
Rebel Camp (WoW)
Riplash Ruins (WoW)
Riplash Strand (WoW)
Ruby Dragonshrine
Ruins of Eldra'nath (WoW)
Ruins of Shandaral (WoW)
Rut'theran Village
Satyrnaar (WoW)
Scalawag Point (WoW)
Sentinel Hill (WoW)
Shattered Straits
Shield Hill
Shiverwind Coast
Sholazar Basin (Alliance Quest Guide)
Silverwind Refuge (WoW)
Silverwing Grove (WoW)
Silverwing Outpost (WoW)
Sorlof's Strand
Southfury River (WoW)
Spire of Blood (WoW)
Spire of Decay (WoW)
Spire of Pain (WoW)
Splintertree Post (WoW)
Stars' Rest (WoW)
Steam Springs (WoW)
Steel Gate
Stromgarde (WoW)
Sun's Reach
Sundered Monolith
Sunreaver's Command (WoW)
Talramas (WoW)
Tarren Mill (WoW)
Taunka'le Village (WoW)
Temple City of En'kilah (WoW)
The Blood Prince Council (wow)
The Borean Wall (WoW)
The Broodmother's Nest (WoW)
The Carrion Fields
The Cauldron (WoW)
The Crossroads (WoW)
The Decrepit Flow (WoW)
The Dens of Dying (WoW)
The Dor'Danil Barrow Den (WoW)
The Dragon Wastes
The Flood Plains (WoW)
The Foot Steppes (WoW)
The Forlorn Mine (WoW)
The Frozen Glade
The Geyser Fields (WoW)
The Great Tree (WoW)
The Howling Vale (WoW)
The Laughing Strand
The Librarium
The Mirror of Twilight (WoW)
The Rift
The Ruins of Ordil'Aran (WoW)
The Ruins of Stardust (WoW)
The Sepulcher (WoW)
The Shady Nook (WoW)
The Shrine of Aessina (WoW)
The Singing Grove
the storm peaks (alliance quest guide)
The Talondeep Path (WoW)
The Twilight Rivulet (WoW)
The Unbound Thicket (WoW)
The Vibrant Glade
The Violet Stand (WoW)
The Wailing Ziggurat (WoW)
The Waking Halls
The Westrift (WoW)
The Zoram Strand (WoW)
Thistlefur Hold (WoW)
Thistlefur Village (WoW)
Thorvald's Camp
Timbermaw Hold (WoW)
Torp's Farm (WoW)
Tranquillien (WoW)
Transitus Shield (WoW)
travel (wow)
Twisted Glade
Ulduar (WoW)
Unu'pe (WoW)
Upper Blackrock Spire (WoW)
Utgarde Catacombs
Valgarde Port
Vengeance Landing
Vengeance Lift (WoW)
Venomspite (WoW)
Warrior's Terrace
Warsong Hold (WoW)
Warsong Jetty (WoW)
Warsong Labor Camp (WoW)
Warsong Lumber Camp (WoW)
Warsong Slaughterhouse (WoW)
Westfall Brigade Encampment (WoW)
Westguard Keep (WoW)
Westrift (WoW)
Westwind Lift (WoW)
West Spear Tower (WoW)
Whisper Gulch (WoW)
Windrunner's Overlook (WoW)
Winter's Terrace (WoW)
Wintergarde Keep (WoW)
Wordaen's Horde Guide to Borean Tundra, 68-72
wordaen's horde guide to howling fjord, 68-72
Wyrmrest Temple (WoW)
Wyrmskull Village (WoW)
Xavian (WoW)
Zones and Regions (WoW)
zone (WoW)
Zone Maps (WoW)
Zoram'gar Outpost