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Q: What is WoWReader and how do I get it?

A: WoWReader is the tool Allakhazam.com uses to keep its item, quest, mob and npc databases up to date. It consists of a World of Warcraft Lua UI Addon, and an additional application which is used to parse and upload the information that the UI Addon gathers. WoWReader also handles uploading of character profile information directly from the game. In order to use the profile system, you must have a user account on this site, and you will need to configure WoWReader to use your login information to identify itself as you when you upload. User accounts are free, and are required in order to assign you options regarding your characters.

Q: How do I submit items, mobs, my profile and/or my guild?

A: Download WoWReader and install it. You can run WoWReader after you exit the game, or click the on the reader and it will execute the game. Either way you need your Allakhazam.com login and password. Click Options >> Login. Click Anonymous or Log In (required for profiles), add your login name and password and click save. After you exit your game click the upload button to upload your information. If it says no data to upload, you may need to click refresh. For each profile you want to upload you will need to log in and out of each character then upload.

Q: I am having problems with WoWReader, what do I do?

A: Access our message board thread devoted to WoWReader, then contact Rale if you cannot fix the error. In your e-mail please include any errors you are experiencing and on what days.

Q: Will I get banned from WoW by Blizzard if I use WoWReader? Isn't it considered third party software?

A: WoWReader isn't third party software, it is considered a LUA UI addon.

Q: When will you have a mac WoWReader version?

A: You can now use the Manual Profile Upload page to upload profiles from a mac or if you're unable to use WoWReader for any other reason.