war career:Ironbreaker  

Alliance Order / Dwarfs / Oathbearers
Race Dwarf
Gender Either
Archetype Defensive Tank
Specialties Axes, Hammers, Shields, Heavy Gromril Armour, Grudges
Appearance Ironbreakers are clad head to toe in thick Gromril armour. They wear full helms and are often seen carrying a shield in conjunction with their weapon of choice.
Lore and Description
Ironbreakers have the most dangerous job in Dwarf society; they are guardians of the underworld. The survival of a Dwarf hold is often determined by its wealth and Dwarf wealth is in the riches of the earth. Naturally, the Dwarfs dig ever paper writing services deeper in search of more precious metals and eventually encounter more than just rocks and metal: Night Goblins, Skaven and other wicked creatures make their homes below the surface as well.

It is the Ironbreakers who patrol these dark regions in the deepest corners of the earth. Because of this most dangerous of tasks, they are given heavy suits of Gromril armour and fight in an extremely defensive style. They are there to hold the tunnels, mines and passes against teeming hordes of creatures while their allies can seal off these discoveries with demolitions or massive doors. In surface combat, the Ironbreakers form the toughest and most determined defensive infantry in the Warhammer world. Few enemies, if any, can break through a wall of Ironbreaker shields.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see Dwarf, Ironbreaker.

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