Hi, my name is SpellbinderRagu. I have used Zam as a resource ever since I started playing Free Realms in September of 2009. I try my best to be active in the Free Realms community and can be found not only on Zam but at Free Realms Insider and Free Realms Mayhem as well. You can find me in Free Realms as Spellbinder Ragu or Ragu Realm. Aside from that, I also play EverQuest II, Rift and Guild Wars 2.

I am Spellbinder Ragu of Mystic Mayhem
I am Ragu Realm of Insiders

I am Curel and I play on Freeport

I am Curel and I play on Faeblight

I am Spellbinder Ragu and I play on Henge of Denravi

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