Usage: {{TERA|options|option2|option3|cat=|catdesc=|nolink=|nowiki=|nobanner=|thumbs=|checks=}}

NOTE: This template should appear somewhere on EVERY Wikibase page that falls within the TERA game wiki and does not contain some other template that already places it in Category:TERA.

if options is:

option2 and option3 are not used by all GameTags. See the specific docs, below, for information.

if nolink= is not blank, display the tag but add no category links.

if nowiki= is not blank, this game does not support the wiki but we do have a game site for it (Lineage II is a good example). In this case we still want a game tag to flag articles in the ZAM wiki that refer to the game, but it cannot link to a Wiki Main Page for the game, since there isn't one.

On games that use the www.zam.com skin (Runes of Magic, Vanguard, The Agency, DC Universe Online, etc.), nobanner= will suppress the game banner on the Page Title line.

thumbs= and checks= are NEW options that must be specifically enabled for the games where they will be used. They enable a link under the gametag to show the category page as thumbnails or as a checklist and should be used ONLY on category pages! Talk to Bludwyng if this confuses you. :)

The graphic displayed in the tag should be located at TERA (Game Icon), a page that should have the image uploaded to it, and contain the following code:


NOTE: This template calls GameTag to perform the actual display. The documentation you are viewing now can be viewed/edited at GameTag Docs.

Additional Options

  • Class - Adds to Category:Classes and places TOC with the gametag under it. BE SURE TO PUT THE GAMETAG AS THE FIRST THING ON THE PAGE!
  • Mob - Temporary. Will be replaced later by a full template. Not to be confused with M which is a shorthand used when data-farming.
  • Mx, Ox, Px, Qx, Px, Zx - Mobs, Objects, Places, Quests, Places or Zones by x. Cross-reference categories.
  • xC, xR, xZ, xP - x by Continent, Region, Zone or Place. Cross-reference categories.
  • Race - Adds to Category:Races and places TOC with the gametag under it. BE SURE TO PUT THE GAMETAG AS THE FIRST THING ON THE PAGE!
  • ZT - Adds to Category:Zone Types

Cross-reference categories - 2-letter codes. option2 is Continent, option3 is Region, option4 is Zone (where appropriate).

TERA: Core Templates Quest Mob Item Place Object Zone
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