template:EQ2 Travel  

This template is intended to only be used on pages pertaining to world travel, such as wizard spires, druid rings and world bells. Whenever an expansion or update changes any of the above, this template can be easily updated to reflect any changes or additions to the appropriate forms of travel.

Depending on the type of transportation you specify, this template will also appropriately categorize the page for you. All three types will be added to Category:Transportation. Druid rings will be added to Category:Druid Rings, Wizard Spires will be added to Category:Spires and World Bells will be added to Category:World Bells.

Note: This template should not be used for any form of intra-city or intra-zone travel. Any changes made to those travel types should be addressed on their individual pages.

Usage Template:

{{EQ2 Travel|type=}}


Which type of travel this page involves. Valid arguments are rings, spires or bell. You can also use longer arguments such as druid rings, wizard spires or world bell and receive the same output. If no argument is supplied, no text will be added to the page.

An example of a page using this template is Guild Hall Travel Amenities.

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