The proper name of this page, proper name goes here, has at least one word that contains a diacritic mark, which gives the wiki trouble. Therefore the Wikibase title has had the diacritic mark(s) removed.

Usage: {{DM|gameid|Proper Page Name}}

The wiki cannot handle page names with diacritic marks (letters with accents or other special letters) in them. The Wiki titles must be entered without the diacritic mark. Use this tag at the bottom to explain this issue to the users. You should

If this is a quest and a member of a Quest Series, put the {{DM}} tag between the quest text and the {{series}} tag.

NOTE to Wikibase Admins: This template uses the .CSS class "lightbg". This class sets the background-color to the lightest of your background colors, the border-color to something nice and the text color to a comfortable color for that background.

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