Usage: {{DCUOItem|ItemName|ItemNameDisplay|quality|nolink=}}


The Item Name exactly as it appears, or should appear, in the DB.
Name of the item exactly as you want it displayed, including any quantity and plurality. so if this is a Navy Dye and you have 2 of them ItemName could be "2 Navy Dyes"
A color name from the list, below. Each level of quality has multiple names that are recognized. The color names are, of course, case-insensitive.
Should be used only when you want text to appear in a specific item quality color but are not actually linking a specific item. Useful when you want to colorize the name of a group of items but not create a link because it is not the name of a specific item.

  • dcuo-q0: Trash, grey
  • dcuo-q1: Common, white or blank
  • dcuo-q2: Uncommon, Green
  • dcuo-q3: Rare, Blue
  • dcuo-q4: Epic, Purple
  • dcuo-q5: Relic, orange
  • dcuo-q6: Transcendent, red

If quality is not specified, dcuo-q1 (Common White) is used.

NOTE: Because DCUO currently assumes the www skin, Common (White) is actually displayed as Black.

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