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If this is a Dungeon, see also CoS Instance Tasks

Each Suburb is part of a City-State. For instance, the "parent" of The Refuge, Meluan's Gate, Gardenworks and Beryl's Folly is the city-state of The Nexus. The parent of The Nexus is the Heartland.


One of Nation, City, Suburb, Quest, Dungeon, Wilderness, Challenge, Paragon, Event or Shard (at this time). The default is Suburb. Dungeons are instanced zones. Quest is a Dungeon instance that requires a specific quest to enter. Challenge is a copy of a regular Dungeon zone that is used only for a specific Challenge, such as Harbor Airspace - Sabotage. Wilderness are non-dungeon, non-city outdoor zones with open play such as Heartland Vale. Shard is the Spireshard. Suburb used to be called District. Some older zones may still have this in the field but the template converts it to Suburb.
(optional) Challenge or Event only. Identifies the type of Challenge or Event.
(optional) IF this is a Dungeon the energy for all Dungeon and Challenge zones should be displayed on the CoS Instance Tasks template, but otherwise put the energy cost to enter this zone here.
IF a quest is required to enter this instance, put the quest name here.
(commalists) List of zones directly accessed from this zone,and the minimum recommended level to go there. This does NOT include railhauler routes.
(commalist) List of the Bosses found in this zone.
(commalist) List of the levels of the Bosses found in this zone. This must match the bosses list 1 to 1.
(commalist) a list of the mobs that can be found in this zone. Not really expected to be a complete list.
(optional) What level or level range are common mobs in this zone?
(commalist) For Challenge Dungeons only, list the objectives here (should be just one).
mains=, optionals=, dailies=, vaquishers=, challenges=
(optional, commalist) List any quests that relate to this zone.
objexp=, objshillings=, objboss=
(optional) Dungeon objectives. objboss is a commalist field although there is only rarely more than a single boss.
(optional, hidden) If not blank, do not include the TOC directive. This assumes the calling page is handling the TOC in some way.

For Challenge Dungeons only and only if recteam > 1, a box is displayed explaining the Hero Badge.

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