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This template has been re-written for CoS:Arkadia (2.0). For the old Item template, see CoS OldItem.

Many items for sale will have three prices: Electrum-only (ecost), Electrum+Shilings (escoste and escosts), and Shillings-only (scost)!

Potions will use CoS Item Strengths instead of CoS Item Stat Values.

We know that Stats change, over time, as the Devs teak the game and tune itemization. CoS Item Stat Values is used here not as an absolute reference, but rather a relative one. Even if they change the numbers, the relative values will still have meaning.


{{CoS Item
{{CoS Item Stat Values|style=header}}
<!--Duplicate this block for each line in table-->{{CoS Item Stat Values
|}}<!--Duplicate this block for each line in table-->
{{CoS Item Stat Values|style=footer}}

See also: Template:CoS Itemset, Template:CoS Item Stat Values, Template:CoS Item Stats 3, Template:CoS PvP Item Stats, Template:CoS Item Ranks, Template:CoS Item Strengths

Note: Template:CoS Item Stats is DEPRECATED. Use Template:CoS Item Stat Values.


one of Armor, Weapons, Accessories, Potions, Materials, Mods or Other (default=Other). This is the category that the inventory filter selects for. See Category:Item Categories
See Category:Item Types
For Item Sets only
Some sets have different members for different classes. Generally subset should be the same as the class.
For Collectibles only
(commalist) Other versions of the same item, such as Perfect Signet on the Signet page, and vice-versa.
Some weapons, such as 1h Wands, have a sub-type that is displayed after the type (within parentheses). See Category:Item Subtypes
scost, ecost
in-game vendor price in Shillings and Electrum
escosts, escoste
Electrum Shop price in Shillings and Electrum
nodrop=, notrade=, nostash=, bound=
(switch) Any value in these fields can indicate Undroppable, Untradeable, Unstashable or Bound to Character
(optional) Use this only for non-equipment that has a minimum level for use, such as Medical Lockbox.
usetext=, cooldown=
(optional) IF cooldown or openfee is not blank and usetext is blank, default usetext is "Right-click to use"
Some very rare containers actually have a fee to open them. You can put plain text here, or a call tot he CoS Coin template. MOST openfee examples will be in Electrum.
quests= icon=
(optional) ISIN of the Icon of this item, IF blank and if an icon exists at "type (CoS Item Type Icon)" or "type subtype (CoS Item Type Icon)", that icon will be used. See Category:Item Type Icons (CoS).
(optional) ISIN of this item when equipped
(optional) ISIN of image to display beneath the description
(commalist) List of Quest Names this item is required for.
(optional)This is the stat displayed to the right of the item icon in larger text. Do not include a number, just the name. Because of the massive changes made in 2.0, it was easier to define defaults for primarystat and override this field if the type and subtype are known. If not, then it will display primarystat by default.
(optional) Use this ONLY if primarystat is blank. This will be the entire text of the Stats Block. it can be multi-line (but you must use <br> to force the line-breaks). This should never be used for items that have levels and grades.
(switch) If not blank, denotes a multi-fire weapon (burst mode). Displays a target icon with 3 bullet-holes in top-right of item box. This also adds the item to Category:Burst-mode Weapons

Mods are random. Each item (armor, weapons and accessories) will have three randomly-assigned mod slots. Therefore, mods= has been removed from this template.

The same item with the same level will always have the same Base Stats (such as Damage and Critical) but the value will increase based on Quality. it can be further increased by Upgrading the item but we are not going to report those values. The Base Stats should be reported using the headings through magnificent fields.

Worse, it seems the new itemization (Open Beta) means that the same item, such as Riddler, can have versions that are level 5, 15, and 25 (and presumably more). Each of these has different Base Stats and max Upgrades so we are going to have to rethink how we report these (if at all). I suppose we will have to build a different CoS Item Stats table for each Level...

Note: Due to the fact that devs frequently change individual stats (especially early on, and especially on armor and weapons) we will NOT be directly supporting stats on our item template.

Although quality= is no longer in the Usage skeleton, above, it is still in the template. It should only be used for items such as certain Quest Items that appear in the game with one and only one level of Quality, such as the Founders' Annex Cannon.

See CoSItem for info about Quality names and colors.

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