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When you are reporting a coin amount, such as in a cost section, you can use this template to keep the output consistent. It will also put the amounts in the same colors used in-game, which looks real nice.

About the real-world value of Electrum: In CoS: Arkadia, Electrum packs are selling from 500/$5 (.01 ea) to 33000/$300 (.0091 ea), but we will use the median of 4120/$40 ($.009709/) as our base-line.

See also: Currency

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This template uses 3 numerical parameters plus a few named.

  1. (Optional) Shillings Amount. This is the standard in-game currency.
  2. (Optional) Electrum Amount (also shows real world Dollars based on $40/4120 Electrum ($.009709/) unless nodollars= is non-blank). This is the main Electrum Shop currency.
  3. (Optional) Spiremark Amount. Spiremarks are the Epic currency, earned by completing a list of Daily Tasks (defeat 10 enemies, make 1 friend, open 5 chests, etc) and for Region Completion. Spend them in a special section of the Electrum Shop.


If electrum is not blank we display the USD value of the electrum UNLESS nodollars is not blank.


PvP currency.


Keys are actually consumed in Crafting (Mod Merge) so we may want to be able to talk about that cost.

Calling Format

{{CoS Coin|shillings|electrum|spiremarks|honor=|keys=|nodollars=}}


Example: {{CoS Coin|5}}

  • outputs: 5Shilling 
Example: {{CoS Coin||299}}
  • outputs: 299Electrum ($2.90) 
Example: {{CoS Coin||299|nodollars=y}}
  • outputs: 299Electrum 
Example: {{CoS Coin|||17}}
  • outputs: 17Spiremarks 
Example: {{CoS Coin|4000|keys=8}}
  • outputs: 4000Shilling 8Keys 

This item will cost 5Shilling  at any General Merchant.

An extra storage bag (20 slots) at the bank costs 200Electrum ($1.94) .

The PvP spear, Aven Alarum, costs 1500Honor .


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