sigils (rom)  

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Runes of Magic
Sometimes, when you kill a mob, a glowing symbol will appear over the body. Stepping into this glow will transfer the energy to you and grant you a temporary buff based on the type of the symbol. These buffs are called "Sigils".

The duration of these buffs is usually 2 minutes.

You have earned an Experience Sigil!
Sigil NameSymbolEffects
Attack Sigilgold swordPhysical attack power increased by 50.0% and physical damage by 20.0%
Defense Sigilgreen shieldRaises physical defense by 30.0%
Experience Sigilgold wingsExperience gained is increased 20% for the duration of the effect.
Healing Sigil Instantly heals 412 HP
Magic Attack Sigilgold crooked staffRaises magical attack by 20%
Magic Defense Sigilblue shieldIncreases magical defense by 30.0%
Regeneration Sigilgold bottleRecovers 8.0% HP every 3 seconds.
Talent Sigilgold bookSkill Points acquired by attacking creatures is increased by 50%

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