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Caduceus, Caduceus Rise, The Eternal Chamber
at unknown coordinates

All versions of this zone end with the task to kill Caduceus.


Expert Lower Caduceus Rise

Do NOT kill Caduceus until you have killed the other five bosses or you will not be able to complete the zone quest!

  • Opening Phase:
    • Smoky trails move around the ground. Avoid them. If one touches you, you will be knocked back and interrupted. They do not do much damage but it could add up.
    • He fires Lava Torrent at all players. Can be cleansed.
    • He will pull a player to him. This does not damage you much but you get a 5-second stun.
  • Adds Phase:
    • Erupted Ember wisps spawn and move around. They launch slow missiles (Ember Bolt) at you. If killed the wisps just respawn, so ignore them!
    • Erupted Core orelings spawn. Tank pulls them in and everyone AEs them down.
  • Penalty Phase:
    • IF orelings are alive when he re-activates he rolls to a player (enraged?) and hits them with Quake Surge. This is frequently a one-shot and there does not seem to be any safe range to get to when he starts doing it.


This encounter has been known to bug. Sometimes all you get is the smoky trails and he is easy-mode. Tends to happen when all stack as tight and as close as possible around boss.
Reported: 11/4/2011 PTS

Expert Upper Caduceus Rise


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