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The Ancient Wardstone mechanic has been removed, and any related Achievements for these have been moved to the Legacy category. Trion will be reworking some of the content related to the Wardstones as regular quests.[1] The guide below is kept as a legacy record.

In various places throughout the world you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon the NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). In Scarwood Reach the NPC will frequently not appear until you complete some localized task. Watch your chat window for messages when you activate the Wardstone. Completion of one of these "Wardstone, Daily" quests can potentially reward you with a Sourceshard for that zone. It is also possible that you may receive Planarite as a reward instead of a Sourceshard.

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When you approach a Wardstone it may be under the control by the opposite faction. If so you must kill all the NPCs found there and destroy the Wardstone. After a few minutes the inactive Ancient Wardstone will reappear. Once it does, you need to use the ability Activate Ancient Wardstone. This ability is acquired through a low 30's level quest for both Defiant and Guardians, and takes one Planar Charge to use.

Upgrading & Defense

Level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3
Level 4
Level 4
Once claimed, your faction's wardstone may be upgraded three times using the ability Augment Wardstone (Defiant), or Bless Wardstone (Guardian). Both of these abilities cost one Planar Charge and have a five minute cooldown. Upgrading a wardstone has multiple benefits. Upgrading increases the Wardstones HP per level and fully heals it if damaged. On top of that, each of the three upgrade stages has it's own benefit.
  • Stage 2: Ranged defense turret
  • Stage 3: Two ranged defense turrets
  • Stage 4: Holographic statue which grants a radius buff that increases damage by %20 while reducing damage taken by %20 vs any and all enemies -- player or NPC.

Daily Quests & Facility Upgrades

When a wardstone is claimed by a faction, a few things can happen. It can automatically grant a faction wide quest to anyone who gets within range, or it can spawn an NPC which will give the quest(s) in the "traditional" style.

In some locations, the more daily quests are turned in by players, the more NPCs will spawn to defend the wardstone. A planar goods vendor will usually be the first to spawn when this happens. This only seems to happen at Wardstones where there is an npc to give a quest, and only certain NPCs will upgrade their camp as dailies are turned in.

Wardstone Control & Zone Bosses

It is possible to spawn a Zone Raid boss when a given faction takes control of all of the wardstones in the entire zone. The boss will be the highest level creature of that zone, can drop some very nice loot, and is on a respawn timer. More information is currently needed on exactly how to get it to spawn -- it seems that there is either a certain order in which the wardstones need to be claimed. Or, that there is a certain "key" wardstone which must be the last to be claimed in order to spawn the boss.


Click the zone names for a database list of all Ancient Wardstone quests in that zone.

Scarlet Gorge

In Scarlet Gorge most of the Wardstone Quests are either Collect or Kill quests. Minimum Level: 25

  • Broken Toe (4022, 3630) - at the top of the winding path west of Rock Ridge
  • Frayworn Rock (4362, 4349) - Atop the spire in front of the cave, but you cannot get to the top from the cave
  • North of Rock Ridge (4444, 3269) - This is the key wardstone for the Raid boss. You must control all 8 stones, then activate this one. The boss spawns near the Porticulum.
  • Stonecrest (4064, 3191) - in the Graveyard
  • Thunderwork Ridge (4623, 3847)
  • Darkfire Grove (4756, 3670)
  • Ironroot Draw (4791, 4243) - Southeast corner
  • Stonecrest Hills (4181, 3215)

Scarwood Reach

In Scarwood Reach many are Escort or Defend quests. Minimum Level: 30

  • Infested Range (4167, 4374) - Atop a rock halfway up the mountains in the SE corner of this area
  • Iron Fall (3851, 4163) - West of Logger's Rest
  • Granitewood Haunt (3346, 4252) - In front of King's Breach
  • Lotham's Strike (535, 4529) - Inside tree roots just west of the Spice Road and north of Perspice
  • Granitewood Crossing (4010, 4582)
  • Auld Warden (2986, 3961) - At the very top of the spiral inside the ancient tree. There is a one-way teleportal from the center of the ground floor to the platform at the top with the Wardstone.
  • Howling Plateau (3827, 3393)
  • Granitewood Haunt (3432, 3954) - NE of Granite Watch, West of Kain's Command, just off the Spice Road
  • East of Shatterbone Canyon (3365, 3249)
  • Stone Grove (3453, 3719) - SE of Kain's Command


In Droughtlands you'll find books about Skirathos at each wardstone. Minimum Level: 35

  • Centaur's Stand (8352, 6355)
  • Harlan's Lament (8051, 6822) - teleport circles on ground transport you to the ledge behind Eridimus the Maker at the very top
  • Mordant Warrens (8265, 7229) - inside the Ant hive, in the chamber behind Queen Maelign.
  • Mordant Knoll (8012, 7241) - In the top levels of the Enkarus ruins
  • Splitmouth Ponds (8427, 7436) - between the Arena and the Cyclops flats
  • Trapper's Rest (7095, 6370)
  • Lantern Hook (7532, 6388)
  • Redoubt (8709, 6789)
  • Stalwart Rise (7541, 5773)
  • Jagged Fringe (7416, 6708)

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